Wine & Warm Wecome at Yaletown LAntipasto

Wine & Warm Wecome at Yaletown LAntipasto

Sep 10, 2016, 1:53:46 PM Viral

If you are looking for a low key night out on the town, you should go check out Yaletown L’Antipasto, located on the double staircases in the heart of Yaletown (this one’s on Mainland). This is a smaller, quieter and very quaint place that only seats a limited number of guests, so you feel very warm and cozy, the minute you arrive. I mean it when I say that you will feel warm. Really, go and sit outside on their charming patio; they have lanterns around the tables with very warm lighting; You immediately feel comfortable.

The greetings from the servers adds to the overall ambiance of this place. The servers have authentic, Italian accents and everyone is really friendly, which makes you feel like you are being welcomed in by family. It’s like being at a real, Italian Bistro, outdoors in the streets of Italy. Add some wine to the experience, and the feeling becomes a little reminiscent of Lady and the Tramp – Footloose and fancy free! This cheerful restaurant is even cheaper for drinks than the cocktail lounges in the area, so it’s a definite place to bring a first date. You can make a great first impression, as long as you don’t pass your date a meatball with your nose.


There are tons of wonderful, Italian wine selections at this spot, and there is also a long list of rose wines. This is a special treat because most restaurants in Vancity only have 1 type of rose, not to mention, the glasses at this place are all full size, and you get a lot of vino for a very fair price. For the quality and service that you receive here, this is one of the best options in Yaletown for a classy night out. Tonight I opted for a glass of White Sangira; it was my first time; The white was interesting for one night, but I still prefer the red.


This was also my first time for the best, homemade tomato sauce I have ever tried. Hey did you know? Tomato sauce was invented in Italy in the 1600s and there are over 500 different kinds. If you order something off of the pasta section, I highly recommend you try a red sauce; Yaletown L’Antipasto has perfected it. If you want a lighter dinner, there are also tons of great starters and appys, as well, and you can order any of these as a meal on their own. However, the best part of your experience comes at the very end of the meal, when you are presented with a little, gold box of chocolates – a nice touch, your date will be impressed, you high-class stallion.

You both will love it here. The only thing that is missing is a Venetian in a striped shirt, rowing you down a canal in a fancy boat. Have your very own Bella Notte at Yaletown L’Anitpasto, 1127 Mainland Street in Vancouver, BC.

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