Yaletown Vancouver: Meal Share at The Greek by Anatoli

Yaletown Vancouver: Meal Share at The Greek by Anatoli

Sep 9, 2016, 6:15:40 PM Viral

I want to talk to you liquor lushes about how your drinking escapades can support the greater good. Of course, we don’t want anyone getting carried away with all of the seductive spirits and developing a problem, but it’s ok to be flirtatious. And we don’t want anyone heading out dry hammer either (i.e. drinking on an empty stomach). So add in some food, contribute to a charitable organization, and use your drinking habits for good, Sauce Boss.

I’m talking about a generous, global movement to which some of Vancouver’s restaurant owners are currently contributing – Meal Share. Participating establishments are using their culinary talents to benefit others, so you can “turn your dining out into helping out.”  It’s simple really; you buy a meal with the Meal Share logo, and a meal is donated to a youth in need. This is a great way to give back, doing what we do well, to help others who, maybe aren’t doing so well. There are only a selection of restaurants helping put an end to youth hunger, so it is important that we show our support for them and their cause.

So, give yourself the green light to treat yourself right. Share some drinks and a meal on the delightful double stair cases of Yaletown, satisfy your cravings at The Greek by Anatoli, and feel good about what you do. The Greek is a new addition to Mainland, and it’s just 1 year new! It has a pleasant, personal feel to it, and you can learn a little Greek history while you’re at it. You’ll hear the story about how the original owner, Thomas and his wife, met in Greece at a restaurant on the Island of Skopelos; their wedding photo is on the wall. You have to go in and visit to get the rest of the story, but here’s a little trivia to pique your interest. Don't Cheat! - Use your scroll bar:

Skopelos was discovered by Staphylos. What is the meaning of the word Staphylos?

  1. Abundance
  2. Sympathy
  3. Peninsula


No, it’s “grape,” ya dummy! Trick question - Next…


What is the Island of Skopelos noted for?

  1. The Greek dance, Dionysian, first originated here
  2. The movie Mama Mia was filmed here
  3. It is a popular wedding destination


Answer: 2 - Mama Mia - The one with the beautiful landscapes and ABBA tunes. Ok, last question…


What is the Island Skopelos shaped like?

  1. A Saxophone
  2. A Boot
  3. A Martini Glass


Answer: 1 - A Saxophone. If you said 3, you’re cut off.


Great, now you have been informed about what you’re stumbling into - we don’t want you blindly sauntering in - Good wine selections and a good atmosphere; The Greek touch, is a lot like the feel of the music in the aforementioned movie. Knowing me, knowing you, it’s a sax-y place to host a Vancouver - Lux & Leisure Rendezvous.

Head over this Friday for some Ouzo, Booze-O! This Greek treat is said to have replaced absinthe because it went out of style. That’s right… Your new liquid lover is this traditional accompaniment to mezze, the attractive sharing plates that The Greek is also known for. On Friday nights, Ouzo is only $4.50, and it pairs best with fish - I recommend the Greek Style Mussels - or salad. Their version of authentic, Greek Salad will be the best you’ve ever had. If you’re not ready for hard alcohol, you can opt for Parthenos, a.k.a. virgin cocktails. Literally translated, Parthenos means young lady.

Cheers, young ladies and lads - To Meal Share! My goal is to send as many people over to The Greek, in celebration of a good cause, as we possibly can. Take a chance on The Greek, and share it with friends. If you are going out in support of Meal Share, hit the “like” button (up top) and Click one of those little button-jobbies down below (Share It)! I promise to support your drinking habits, if you promise to support youth in need.


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