What to do if you find it hard to talk to girls?

What to do if you find it hard to talk to girls?

Feb 19, 2022, 4:19:28 PM Life and Styles

Do you find it hard to talk to girls and get nervous when trying to approach them? Here are some tips to make things easier.

1. Looking for Positive Signals

You don’t need to walk up to anyone you come across. You should be on the lookout for signals. There are times when the signals are obvious – like when she looks directly at you and smiles. That might be a sign that you need to go over and talk to them.

But it won’t be that simple in many cases. The girl might not be looking in your direction, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t giving you signals.

●    You should look at women that look comfortable and/or relaxed

●    Don’t approach anyone looking upset or angry

●    A girl with open body language is okay to talk to

●    Don’t approach if they look preoccupied or busy

One thing you need to keep in mind as you look for signals is not to spend too much time looking. If you keep staring at her awkwardly, she can easily notice, which is going to make her think of you as a creep. Looking at her for too long might end up in your talking yourself out of it and not approaching her. Once you have noticed the signals, move quickly.

2. Keeping your approach simple

You might be tempted to cram fancy moves and complicated pickup lines to break the ice. But what most people don’t realize is that women have heard all those lines. They know all those tricks. They have seen the moves over and over again and know them better than you.

You should just keep things simple. Walk up to her and start with a “hey”. You can offer a simple “cheers” by raising your glass near hers. The goal here is to break the ice, and a simple approach is going to get the job done. If things go wrong and you get rejected, you will be happy you didn’t embarrass yourself with some lame pickup line.

3. Being prepared for a conversation

If you manage to break the ice, you need to hold the conversation for some time. You cannot end the conversation at hello, you need to know the girl better.

You can start preparing for this before going out – read the news, find out the scores of sporting events, and be aware of local events. These are going to provide you with a lot of talking points, and you will find the conversation flowing more naturally.

You can also prepare with stories and interesting anecdotes to talk about. You don’t need to start memorizing everything word-for-word, but you need to have the stories ready in case you get into a conversation - they work on everyone from a person you meet at a conference to these London escorts.

You can also prepare for the conversation while in the location. Look around and see if there is anything interesting. You can also look at her to see if she has any interesting characters. It can be someone with an out-there hairstyle or a weird outfit. If you are talking to her and the conversation starts lagging a bit, then you can make a quick joke about something around.

There are two benefits of being prepared; it increases your chances of having a successful conversation since you have a plan in place, and it will decrease your nervousness because you are getting into a conversation prepared. This will leave you with one less thing to worry about as you approach her.

4. Don’t just converse

Talking is how you get to know more about someone, but in the beginning, it might be better to make things more interesting. You can play a game or make a bet with her because it makes things a little more interesting. All of this boils down to taking the time to plan. You need to know the sorts of bets org games you want to play.

You can challenge her that if you manage to guess her favorite color, she has to give you her number. If you can’t guess, then you have to give her your number. Either way, numbers will be exchanged, and if she goes along with the game, then you are all set. If you give her your number and she doesn’t text or call you, well and good.

You can also challenge her to play tic-tac-toe and come up with a rule that is going to benefit both of you. The loser has to buy the winner a drink or something of the sort. If you lose the game, you have to buy her a drink, but that isn’t a bid deal. If she agrees, then it means she has agreed to spend some time with you playing the game. You will have a drink with her after some time. This is a win-win approach.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are a few guys that have attempted to talk to her before you. There will be other guys coming after you. The goal is to make yourself memorable, and you can do this through the game. The stipulation of the game is something that is going to cause you to win. Even if you lose, you still win.

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