3 Most Profitable Self-Employed Jobs

3 Most Profitable Self-Employed Jobs

Oct 18, 2018, 9:23:41 PM Business

Being an entrepreneur is probably the biggest dream of many people but we all have had some fears at one point. However, breaking away from formal employment to start a personal business outfit can be highly rewarding. Providing an editing services is one of such opportunities that one can do on self-employment terms and the monetary words are indeed attractive. Here, you determine your earnings based on how much you will be dedicated to your work. Most importantly, you work when you want as long as you can keep the focus because self-employment is not a gateway for laziness.

Working for yourself gives you a highly flexible schedule. This is something that you should try especially if you are tired of the 9 – 5 job. To be able to actualize personal dreams, self-employment has been the solution for many. With proper planning and investments, there are a lot of benefits and profits that can be realized. Here are 3 most profitable self-employed jobs that have been acknowledged around the world:



1. Business Consultant

Consultancy services for business can be a lucrative self-employment opportunity especially if one understands them. There are many people out there willing to invest their money but don’t know how to go about it. This is a great opportunity to help others get established in their business and marketing operations. In many occasions, businesses will require consultants for help with their financial organization, expansion strategies and in winning the loyalty of customers.


The provision of consulting services from the comfort of your home gives you the flexibility you need and a great potential to boost your revenue. To succeed in consultancy services, it is advisable to pick on a particular niche to focus on. Spreading your energy on many consulting aspects only makes one exhausted and promote inefficiencies that are not good for self-employment. Brand yourself as an expert in one specific field to help you sell your services with ease.


2. Blogging

In this world of technology, everything revolving around its advancement will attract a lucrative revenue. Blogging has grown immensely in the last decade and that is why you are reading this post – it is because of blogging itself. The beauty of it is the ease with which a blog can be started. The most important thing is to identify what you need and become an expert at it. You can get started with a blog on any topic today.


Blogs are no longer meant for diaries only. There is a whole lot of professionals who have quit their employment to blog as self-employment. There are very many blogs today ranging from technology, nutrition, life skills and so on. A blog gets to appeal to readers when it focusses on a specific niche with valuable content. Revenue is earned through ads, selling digital products and so on.


3. Career and Life Coach

Many people want to make it in their life and career but they don’t know. That is where coaching comes in. There definitely are people who do the work of providing coaching help to people who need to succeed in their career and life in general. If you have had a lot of competence in your area of profession, you could be of great help to those seeking to join that industry.

Those seeking advice on their personal life can also be coached on how to cope. This becomes a job for the one with the skills for this kind of help. Life coaching comes with a whole lot of skills such as are found in counselling even though this is somewhat different. Career and life coaching can be done together. It is not easy to separate them. A person’s career will most definitely rely on their life. To win much more clients, tips for those making referrals is highly recommended.


Final Thoughts

One can earn a lot of money if they commit to employing themselves in something that they are good at. There are those who have established writing services online and are really doing well in it. Self-employed individuals can make their establishments very profitable despite the absence of such benefits of health and life insurance that come with formal employment. Despite these drawbacks, one can really set themselves free by seeking self-employment. These are some of the most profitable self-employed jobs that one could engage in today.


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