Three Best Educational Christmas Stories

Three Best Educational Christmas Stories

Dec 10, 2018, 9:23:00 PM Life and Styles

Christmas is a time of joy and laughter. Delicious food and fancy trees come to mind when we think of it. It is the perfect way to welcome the last week of the year. And rightfully so, many paper writers have come up with some amazing short stories about Christmas with educational and moral values. Three of them are listed below along with a short insight into what the stories are about.

1. The Little Match Girl

This short story revolves around a cold Christmas night. The main character is a little girl who is all by herself on that night. She's got a few bundles of matchsticks in her hand which she was supposed to sell. Her feet were naked, and she had nothing to keep her warm from the cold December breeze blowing continuously.

She then sits down in a corner and in order to keep her warm she decides to light a matchstick. In its bright flame, she starts seeing things. Things like a delicious Christmas dinner, a pretty Christmas tree, a warm stove and finally her grandmother. She is later left dead on the ground due to the unforgiving cold outside. This story teaches children the importance of what they have in life right now.

2. A Slice Of Life

This story is written by Carol McAdoo Rehme. It is set up in an orphanage, and it is Christmas time. The orphanage receives a package with oranges in it. Now this little boy, who's the main character of the story, has never had oranges in his life before. He has smelled them, but he has never had the privilege of eating one.

So he was excitedly looking forward to having one for the first ever a time in his life. The kids queue up for their slice of orange and unfortunately by the time it's our boy's turn, they are out of oranges. The boy is heartbroken and runs to his bed.

He is then greeted by surprise. His fellow orphans all contribute one slice each and make him one entire orange. He happily shares it with his friends and enjoys that very merry Christmas.

This story teaches children the importance of sharing and empathy.

3. Owed To Joy

This short story is written by Ted A Thompson. The story revolves around a young girl, Shelly, and her father. It is Christmas and Shelly receives a bubble maker from Santa. But this bubble maker is special. It works best with Joy brand soap.

On Christmas day, the girl wakes up very early and asks her dad if she could start making bubbles already. Her father, having just woken up, doesn't allow her to and that makes little Shelly extremely sad. The dad instantly regrets his actions and remedies it by saying they need the Joy brand soap to make bubbles. He then rushes to a nearby store and buys the soap, and the two make bubbles in their lawn all day happily. This story tells about the unconditional love families have for each other.

To conclude, these are the three best stories one can read their children on Christmas Eve. Even I listen to its recitals when I write my English paper. It's filled with moral values and educates children on the importance of being responsible in today's society. Have fun reading these amazing works, and I hope you all have a very merry Christmas.

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