Charles ‘Screwface’ & Esteisy Musica - Unmasked

Charles ‘Screwface’ & Esteisy Musica - Unmasked

Oct 11, 2021, 11:21:25 PM Creative

The world of Digital media is a vast growing industry that has helped most of the rising stars out there. One such example is the newly debuted artist Esteisy Musica. Born with the talent of an independent artist she has shown some remarkable skills in the music industry but could it be true? Is she really what she says?


Starstruck Management has been dealing with this artist and has helped her get the fame and persona she has now. Not necessary to mention that help was provided, Starstruck management had partnered up with Ace Content Writers to help Esteisy Musica reach the level she is on now but who knew that this partnership would take a shocking turn.


It all started when Starstruck Management’s CEO Joseph “Screwface” Charles was looking for an agency who could help him run major PR campaigns that would benefit the image of his artist. Soon after scouting the internet, he came across with Ace Content Writers. One of the best online Digital Media Agency which had worked with the likes of The Weeknd, Ali Gethi, Wassim Slaiby and more. Not just helping them run PR campaigns but creating online noteworthiness as well. Looking at the expertise of the company, Screwface thought of partnering with the agency and taking their help to boost Esteisy’s profile. The project started on a very good note but it was not soon that the agency realized that they were in trouble. Helping Screwface get online publications over top-notch magazines and creating lyrics video for Esteisy’s newly released single “Freak” which not only got the more views on YouTube than the official music video, was all part of the process and a good business relationship but when Screwface backed out of the contract and decided not to pay them for the services which were done, the company face serious loss. Ace Content Writers were forced to fire their employee and not just that. They had to cut down is paycheck as well to cover the loss of profit which was nothing but just a brotherly gesture towards Screwface.


Threats of lawyers and suing the company were also a major setback to the reputation of the company and its employee who not just helped Screwface with some major projects and ideas but also invested out of his pocket but little did he know that his honesty and kindness would lead to his unemployment.


It is highly recommended to not trust such people since they are the ones who blame companies like Ace Content Writers for being non professional and scammers where it is them who scams companies for their honest work. Companies like these lack in identifying scammers like Screwface who only look at their benefit and snatch the rightful earning of people who work for these digital media companies. This message is to all those agencies out there who are in this industry to beware of such people as they are the ones honest people lose their jobs and reputable companies lose their respect.

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