Facing the Challenge at the New Age

Facing the Challenge at the New Age

Building the fences around the gut feeling is like diminishing chances of making some blind decisions. The decision-making process requires a thoughtful and analytical approach based on the available shreds of evidence and fact findings. At the same time, some decisions appeal to follow what the sixth sense calls for. It is not necessary to finalize a decision based on baseless objectives, or else biasness finds its way. Decisiveness is a crucial process, and not everyone gets to suffix it with prudence and expertise. Many have to suffer in the dark because of a single decision that they could not make at the right time. Regret is stronger than gratitude, and realistically we must go after things that bring us greater satisfaction. 

Attorney Manuel E. Aguirre obtained his Law degree in 1988. At that time, he had already studied Theology and Philosophy. He was lucky enough to pass Bar exams in the first attempt after completing his law degree from the United States. His early years of degree were spent in the State of Arizona and later in California. Manuel had different learning experiences from both places. It was the time when he acquired knowledge in a law firm in Los Angeles. It aimed to bring justice to workers' rights after facing a terrible accident or an injury at work. He also

He gained experience in the field of work accidents in a Los Angeles firm where he started as an employee, where because of his effort and capabilities, he ascended positions until becoming a partner. He decided to create his firm to perform more effectively. He also appeared as a judge in "La Corte Familiar", a television program. The show aired daily for one hour in the Los Angeles area for over three years. It is still being broadcasted in other states. Attorney Manuel E. Aguirre has widespread recognition among the lawyers, and he has numerous shows highlighting his justice credibility broadcasted on YouTube. He has made many decisions based on the truthfulness and authenticity of available facts. He has worked for many compensation cases in favor of those who are miserably treated. He believes that a justice delayed is justice denied. He efficiently works for the betterment and improvement of employment laws and their enforcement.

Manuel solved the case for a driver filed by the Distributors he used to work with against the Transportation Company for compensation worth $3,500,000 in October 2012. The client got injured while unloading heavy boxes from the truck, and he had to suffer from a back injury causing issues in his movement. The client had to go through a terrible phase of his life due to his medical condition. But the behavior of the insurance company took the proximities to another level. The client who was suffering physically had to go through an emotional strain and lost his chances of reimbursement for the expenses on his treatment plan. When the client reached out to his organization, he received his much deserving justice. He received a disability rate of 100%, including medical care for life for his orthopedic and psychological needs.

Manuel is still one of the most recognized and reputed lawyers in the field. The accumulated experience, obtained through many years of university studies and work, makes him the ideal qualified attorney to provide an adequate representation for your work accident case. He and his staff working under his immediate supervision will allow others to control their case and decide on it. He is one of the prominent lawyers who have won many hearts for the justice drive.

Manuel belongs to a family of artists, and he is naturally inclined towards arts and music. He plays classical guitar and occasionally goes for fishing. Aguirre also enjoys visiting historic sites and art museums. He was fortunate enough to learn from the creative self of his uncle Alfredo Aguirre, a notable Peruvian painter and musician. He enjoyed learning oil and pastel painting under his supervision. He believes that being a lawyer has an artistic part too. He associates the courtroom with a theatre play where the client is an actor, and projecting the client in the spotlight of facts and figures in front of the judge is like bringing up the artist in the lead where the approval of an audience is required for the success of the show.

He established his law firm, Law Offices of Attorney Manuel E. Aguirre, on April 30, 2003. He shared a penthouse for his law firm with Johnny Cochran, the leading attorney in the O.J. Simpson case, and represented Michael Jackson for his case progression. Cochran and Manuel shared an overwhelming professional relationship accompanied with legal bits of advice and suggestions. He led Hinden, Grueskin & Aguirre with a partner, a leading workers' compensation law firm in Los Angeles for 8 years. His expertise has earned him an opportunity to be a legal commentator at the CNN live channel, Los Angeles, on several notable cases.

Manuel believes in the importance of justice and how it affects emotions directly. It is necessary to deliver justice for those who are not able to raise their voices. It brings a high level of responsibility, and he plans to provide legal representation for injured workers. He confides in this profession and wishes the same for his children. His eldest daughter is a lawyer based in Spain and California who confidently follows her father’s footsteps.

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