Firefighters are the ‘Real Deal’ – How to Become a Firefighter


"Hard times don't create heroes - it is during the hard time when the hero within us is discovered." – Bob Riley


Firefighters are community, national and global heroes. Serving as a firefighter is a rewarding career path, and there are not many professions as rewarding as this. These professionals are community-minded and get to help people and protect life and property.

Imagine receiving a late-night call to save a family trapped in a fire. The instant response for a firefighter is to put on their protective gear and respond to the incident and do everything in their power to make the situation better and ‘save the day’.

These individuals are the real heroes of the community, the scope of their work stretches far beyond most people’s imagination. They fight fires obviously; they also respond to road accident rescue calls, medical and rescue emergencies, hazardous material spills etc.

Firefighters and the fire service in general also answer the call to almost any situation you can imagine including cats up trees, people trapped in machinery, mine shafts and other compromising situations. Anything you can think of that doesn’t fit into what’s considered normal will generally end up with the people in need calling the fire brigade.

Firefighters put their heart and soul into helping others in trouble. For anyone thinking of ways to serve humanity and contribute to the betterment of the society, no other profession can be as soul-soothing as firefighting. This is of course if you have the internal strength to become a firefighter, if it is your vocation.

If you really want to join a professional fire service team that is respected by individuals and the broader community, you need to follow in the footsteps of other firefighters that have forged the path before you.

There is nothing more respected than providing help to others in their time of need. If you serve as a firefighter, your main responsibility is to save life and protect property. Steve Buscemi, Jack McGee and Brent Clayton are those well-known firefighters who risk everything to keep their fellow people’s wealth, community, prosperity, and lives safe putting their own safety at risk in the process.

All these heroes are a true inspiration for individuals who dream about serving people by becoming a firefighter. From saving people's lives to fighting deadly fires like Australia's bushfires, firefighters never step back and perform their best to make the world safe and secure for others.  

For all those considering stepping into this profession, the first question they should ask themselves is, what kind of firefighter they want to become? And where do they want to work? Once they find the answers to these questions, then it's time to take the following steps.

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How to Become a Firefighter

What requirements are there to be a firefighter?  

NOTE: There is never a guarantee on becoming a professional firefighter, but there are specific steps aspiring firefighters can take to dramatically increase their chances of becoming a firefighter.

The Fundamentals - Basic Requirements

If you want to pursue firefighting as a career, you must have citizenship, a high school education or equivalent depending on the service you’re applying to and a license to drive, a heavy vehicle license is a bonus. Age is an important factor to fulfill these requirements. Most successful individuals gain employment in firefighting between their early 20’s and mid 40’s, there are exceptions to this but this is just factually the age group of most recruit firefighters. Applicants must be physically fit and have no past criminal records. If there is a criminal record it has to be minor in nature and must have taken place a long time before the application.

Being a professional firefighter is not a common career. You are taking these steps to join an elite group of public servants. You need to understand this from the starting point in order to be successful.

Each service will outline their specific requirements in detail so you know exactly what you need to move past this first basic but necessary step.


When hiring new recruits fire services put applicants under extreme levels of scrutiny. To be a part the successful group of new firefighter recruits, you need to pass written, psychological, and physical tests. The written test typically includes reasoning, logical, and situation-based questions. Many companies provide these testing services to the recruitment departments of fire services around the country so you need to be up-to-date with who they are and what you will be tested on. 

Applicants must not only pass the tests if they want to become a firefighter, they must score competitively or land in designated bands considered favorable to the role in order to progress.

This is the biggest road block for 95% plus of applicants. If this is an area you think you may struggle with, it is best to take help of people that firstly know how to navigate the assessments for the service you’re applying to and have your best interests at heart.

Understand Your Profession

While many candidates want to know how to become a firefighter, you may be surprised how very few bother to learn about the organization and the role they say they want in depth. This is extremely necessary and must be understood if they are to have any chance of being successful throughout the recruitment and selection process.

These are the very basic first steps you have to follow to start off in the right direction if you really desire a career as a firefighter.

You, like many other aspiring firefighters, have an opportunity to do everything in your power to become a firefighter and get, what most people already in the job say is, “the best job in the world”.

Don’t waste your opportunity

From fighting fire in the forest to saving lives and infrastructures in the city, Firefighters are the “real deal” example of humanity. Protecting and prioritizing the lives of others while risking their own is, indeed, a heroic act! 

"Firefighter saves more than homes – they save hearts, dreams, and memories."

Published by Jennifer Soileau


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