The global role of women

The global role of women

Feb 4, 2022, 9:35:35 PM Life and Styles

Throughout history, women have played a major role in the stability of society. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that women build nations. The global role of women is the reason behind the nations’ stability, development, and progress. They are caretakers, educators, farmers, and entrepreneurs.

Did you know? Globally, 43% of the agricultural workforce is based on women – the percentage is jumping up in some countries. In Africa, 80% of agriculture is produced by small farmers, and most of them are women from rural villages. Agriculture is a good source of a country’s growth and reduced poverty.

Women, especially mothers, play a major role in making a family from individuals. They make strong family decisions, cook meals, and care for the house as a household leader. Women nourish and nurture a child to become healthy and leave an amazing impact on society.

Here are some of the significant roles women play in developing a nation.

Women As Caretakers

 Women are the ruling caretakers around the globe for elders and children. Various international studies report that when a country’s economy or financial conditions change, women play a key role in adjusting to their respective families’ challenges. Women work like leaders to help their families face new financial situations and challenges.

Women play a major role in providing food to their families and supporting the household in changing conditions. They ensure food and nutrition security and improve overall wellbeing.

Women As Educators

Education changes people’s mentality, spreads awareness, provides employment opportunities, and ensures the development of society. The women’s influence is undeniable to change a pre-literate community into a literate society. They play a significant role as educators and provide society with the necessary education to grow.

According to the researches, education brings productivity in agriculture, improves the status of women, enhances society, and increases employment opportunities. And the majority of women are making an effort to bring education to rural societies.

It is the mother in a family who motivates her children – both girls and boys – to go to school. The women’s role is undeniable for the betterment of families and the transition of societies.

Women As Labors

Today, the global women workforce is around 45%. Women’s labor plays a significant role in transforming an anonymous community into a society that impacts the national economy. Did you know? Women run most small businesses in the rural villages. The cultural restrictions do not allow women to participate in various activities; still, they are the breadwinners of the families.

These women not only secure the family’s livelihood but also form a financial network for upcoming generations. In both urban and rural societies, women have played a major role in the previous decades.

Women As Global Volunteers

For various good causes, women take an interest in working as volunteers. Be it providing aid to the victims of natural disasters or spreading education in rural societies; women are always ready to work as volunteers.


The global role of women is significant for the nation’s stability, progress, and development. Women reform society as caretakers, farmers, educators, and volunteers.

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