The Versatile Artist- Kyrillos Saber

The Versatile Artist- Kyrillos Saber

The entertainment industry has observed boom overtime. Whether it be music, acting, or dancing, many new individuals have been showcasing their talent in the field, making it one of the most in-demand industries in today's times. As a channel that helps transforms emotions into reality, art is a powerful source. Taking advantage of such a medium, many fresh artists have emerged, giving out performances that are hard to forget for a long time to come.

Keeping in mind the demand of the entertainment industry, many candidates would love to develop a career for themselves in this field. Consequently, for the artists to survive in such a thriving environment, they need to give their best performances, showing their versatile nature to the audience. If they fail to do so, they cannot stick in the industry after a particular period of time.

One of such versatile artists who have marked his permanent position in the US's entertainment industry is Kyrillos Saber, a singer, rapper, actor, songwriter, director, and producer. As the industry moves towards more refined art performances, whether music or acting, the artists are expected to polish their skills accordingly and match up with the modern audience's demand. Answering the current need of an ideal artist, the 31-year-old Kyrillos Saber has managed to create a prime example of a modern artist.

Showing His Experiences in His Artistic Performances

The experiences of an individual shape his thinking and how he tends to view the world. As the world moves towards development, an individual's perspective is extremely important is prominent in the work he does.

Before the pandemic spread in the rest of the world, Kyrillos traveled to the United Kingdom for some acting projects. Even though he has acrophobia and avoids traveling as much as he can, Kyrillos' love for acting is far more than any of his fears. Overcoming this obstacle, he visited England in January 2020, which turned out one of the most pleasant times of his life.

While some people tend to disagree, a change in the environment of an individual is crucial. It not just provides a fresh start to an individual but helps them view the world from a different viewpoint. Visiting England was a similar experience for Kyrillos Saber. The streets, food, and the rest of the aura was something that ignited a spark of excitement amongst the talented artist, helping him refresh his mind from the fast pace of life.

Before shooting for his movie, Kyrillos visited multiple tourist places such as the Queen Palace, Cathedrals, Museums, and Parks. Taking inspiration from his surroundings, his marvelous acting performance can be seen in the "Nest of Vampires," which was shot in England post his refreshing trip around London.

Raising the Bar

Born on July 14th, 1989, Kyrillos had always been passionate about performing in front of the audience. Whether it was acting or singing, he loved being in the spotlight and would grab every opportunity that came in his way.

Working on his acting career, Kyrillos landed a great acting opportunity in Die Die Delta Pie that helped him give his profession a headstart. The movie received a great response that helped the phenomenal actor to widen his horizons and take up more acting opportunities that came along his way. Following his debut performance, Kyrillos has appeared in numerous other movies such as Survival of the Apocalypse, Survival, Necrophilia 1, Mercy, Shit Stew, Social Distance, BloodThrist, and many more. 

Even though he started his artistic career in acting, the Egypt-born Kyrillos entered the music industry in 2017 with the song "Screw You." The song was a perfect debut for Kyrillos, crossing 33000 views on YouTube, helping him gain a prominent standing in the music industry.

Intending to take his musical journey a step forward, Kyrillos is all ready to release his debut EP "PANIC," an album that is ready to blow away the audience. Even though the EP is a 12-track album, three of its songs have already been released as a trailer, stirring a lot of hype amongst the audience. Other than his marvelous singing skills, Kyrillos is nothing short of an all-rounder. While keeping his singing and acting professions side by side, Kyrillos is writing, directing, and producing his own songs, raising the bar for the other artists.

The pandemic has taken a toll on every individual, whether it be wage labor or a multinational company. Even though the entertainment industry flourished through this time, many projects have been put to a halt due to the lack of accessibility. As a result, three of Kyrillos' movies have been put on hold, waiting for the situation to get better. However, looking at the work portfolio that he has done until now, there is no doubt that Kyrillos, the versatile actor, will soon be known far and wide in the world.

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