Book Review: "Next August"

Book Review: "Next August"

Aug 14, 2016, 6:02:19 PM Entertainment

“Next August,” by Kelly Moore

Publication date: this fall

Synopsis: August Rylan is a rich billionaire with more secrets than he can manage.  He lost his mother tragically at eight years old in an automobile accident.  His father was drinking and driving and angry at his son when he lost control of the wheel.  His blame is aimed at his son and their relationship is permanently changed. When August becomes a man and figures out his father’s secrets, he tries to make things right but goes about it in all the wrong ways.  He has one friend, other than Sam he is a loner.  He thinks he has to be alone to not reveal his secrets.

On a rock climbing expedition with Sam, he meets a southern beauty that not only takes his breath away but also his voice. Nashville steals his heart the moment he lays eyes on her. She is a cowboy boot wearing country girl who will challenge him in every way. Nashville is intrigued by the city slicker rich boy, but she wants a simple life.  She’s not concerned about money.  She falls for him hard and tries to fit into his world until his secrets unravel. She almost loses her life because of his choices.

I am so incredibly excited to have just read Kelly Moore’s upcoming novel, “Next August!” I fell in love with Kelly’s writing and characters reading her Broken Pieces series and this new novel does not disappoint. Breaking away from her series, Moore tells a romantic and suspenseful story about August and Nashville. August has spent his life trying to make up for the loss of his mother and the sins of his father. While drinking and driving, August’s father causes a car accident that kills August’s mother and injures a baby, Sam. Fast forward 20 years and August is incredibly rich and successful and has devoted himself to helping Sam and his mother Claire, trying to make up for what his father did. While rock climbing with Sam, August meets Nashville, a gorgeous southern beauty who is also an ER nurse. After August gets a nasty cut on his hand, Nashville suggests he needs stitches and tells him to come see her later at the hospital, which he does. August is immediately taken with Nashville, offers her a job taking care of his ailing father, and they quickly fall head over heels for each other. For the first time, August is in love and also learns that money can’t buy everything, nor can it fix his father’s mistakes.

I loved, loved, loved everything about this book. August is an incredibly adorable character and even during his stubborn or ugly moments you can empathize because of the things he has experienced. The only real closeness in his life has been with Claire, Sam, and his housekeeper Stella. He has paid for the best medical care and therapy for Sam, runs background checks on Claire’s potential dates, and respects and pays his employees very well. Nashville is also amazing with her southern charm and stubbornness, and how clear she makes it to August that she doesn’t want his money. Not only does she fall in love with August, she becomes very attached to his father who has suffered a stroke and not responded to anyone until Nashville came into his life. Nashville changes August in that she forces him to be open and honest but also makes him feel safe in doing so.

“Next August” not only has characters that you truly find yourself invested in, but there is a perfect balance of romance, conflict, and suspense. So often in billionaire romances, there is a lack of realism where the man can just drop his entire life and only focus on winning the girl. One thing I love about Kelly’s writing is that her characters are realistic, they have jobs they go to, they get sick, etc. Kelly Moore has such a smooth and easy writing style that you just sail through reading, enjoy an escape from reality, and get lost in the story. I was blown away by how fantastic this novel is and cannot give it enough praise. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to read an exciting and different romance novel.

Learn more about author  Kelly Moore by visiting her web page. In case you missed it, here is a previously posted interview with Kelly.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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