Why Google Do a Barrel Roll on Type Barrel Roll?

Do a Barrel Roll

"Do a Barrel Roll" became a trending topic on Twitter and elsewhere thanks to an Easter Egg in Google search.

Type the phrase into google and the screen will spin (it's a barrel after all). The same thing happens if you search for "Z or R" twice. If you are lazy, you can just click here and see the effects for yourself. Because it is made in HTML5, it will not work in all browsers. Firefox and Chrome seem to support this the best.

Do a Barrel Roll twice

What if you want to have even more fun with this barrel ride? As now you can understand that this trick does the webpage once per search, but what if you want to do it 2 or 2 times? Yes, you are right twice. You can't throw 2 or 2 times at the same time on Google. If you want to do this twice, you'll have to search for the same query twice. But don't be disappointed, we have another solution for you. You can do Do a Barrel Roll twice on this page. Go to the top of this page. Select "2" from the drop-down menu labeled "Select how often you want to roll over" and select a specific image from the images provided. You can also set your name as a logo on the barrel search page. You can also double-click the Do a Barrel Roll link. This will take you directly to the search page with the standard logo or the previously selected logo.

Do a Barrel Roll 10 times

In the paragraph above, you learned how to roll twice. What if you want to rotate the page 360 ​​degrees 10 times. Yes, you can even roll 10 times. And it is fast enough to complete its one revolution for 1 second. It means spinning 10 times at a time, it takes exactly 10 seconds. To do this, the process is the same as above, just select 10 times from the drop-down menu above and choose the logo style. You can also enter your name here to use it as the search engine logo. You can also click this Do a Barrel Roll link 10 times to go directly to the search page.

Do a Barrel Roll 20 times

Now you have learned to turn the page 10 times. Do you want to have more fun? I know you, you liked it very much and your answer is a resounding “yes”. How to Roll 20 Times Again the process is the same, again it only takes one second to turn the page, 20 seconds to finish the roll 20 times. To do this, the process is the same as doing it two or ten times. Just select 20 times from the drop-down menu above, type in your name or any other word you like, and simply select the logo style. The direct link for this is 20 times a barrel. Clicking on this link will load the search page with the default name or the names and styles you selected previously.

Do a Barrel Roll 100 times

Want to make this more interesting? Oh, you read the title. Doing a roller 100 times just means running, sitting in a chair and watching the page spin in circles. The search here is far off, it will go too fast even if you can't click on the links on the pages. To stop it 100 times ago, the only option is to close the web page or hit the back button in the browser menu. To go to the barrel side 100 times, the process is the same as above. But now all you have to do is select 100 times from the drop-down menu. The direct link for this page is do a barrel roll 100 times.

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