Life without any sugar and sweeteners

Life without any sugar and sweeteners

Jun 24, 2017, 8:16:24 PM Life and Styles

One interesting fact about myself is probably that I do need to maintain a very special diet. This diet includes that I’m not allowed to eat any sugar, sweeteners and fruit sugar in very low portions. This isn’t because of a special diet I’m following in order to lose weight, this is because out of heath reasons. My dentist has forbiten me to eat these things on a regular basis. Of course, sometimes I'm treating myself to eat sweet things especially on birthdays or Christmas, but on a day-to-day basis, it's not allowed for me. Let me talk you through it a bit.

When you first hear that someone isn’t allowed to eat all this you feel very sorry for them, you don’t want to eat any sweet things in front of them and if you do so you feel horrible. But honestly, I lived with this diet for quite a while now and I understood now that for other people it is even worse than it is for me, really.

I don’t even really think about it anymore, plus when you cut out on all this you realise how much sugar and sweeteners there is in your everyday food. Of course, I’m not allowed to eat quite a lot of things that I used to but if you have to stick to a diet like that you get used to it very quickly. For example, instead of eating a pudding after my tea I now eat either some baby carrots or cucumber sticks or other vegetables, nice creams (for anybody who doesn’t knows what that is, it’s basically frozen fruit blended up and then served as kinda ice cream) or I do eat a fruit, although yes, I’m not allowed to eat a lot of that either so that depends on how much fruit I’ve eaten that day. And if you’re wondering what I do for my chocolate gravings (yes, I still do get them) I just put some raw cacao powder in my nice cream or so. A great substitution is also baby foods. Don’t laugh at me, it really is. Because it’s made for children there aren’t any added things in it and honestly fruity baby food can be very good! At the beginning, it was obviously, a bit strange to eat everything without added sugar. For example, in my tea or my porridge (I should add that I’m also not allowed to eat honey, stevia, maple syrup, any syrup really etc.), but honestly that’s just something your body needs to get used to. Once you’ve eaten (or drunken) these things for a few times you don’t even realise anymore that the ‘sweetness’ is missing.

Because there’s also a sort of sugar in milk and wheat products I also need to have an eye on how much I eat of that. But there is a very big plus there again. Instead of eating unhealthy dairy products I started to try out way more vegan products, and let me tell you nowadays they’re really delicious. I also started to get more creative with my food, so instead of a sandwich for lunch I substitute the bread with sweet potato slices and toast them, or even aubergine (eggplant) and zucchini. In general, I eat a lot more vegetables, beans, potatoes, quinoa, couscous and rice, and this is obviously very good for your body. Also, I started to try weird food trends like cauliflower rice or even made from broccoli. Instead of just going to the shops and by everything I’m way more conscious about what I actually put in my body. For example, peanut butter, everybody loves it and it’s oh so healthy for you. I don’t know about England or the USA but the peanut butter you get in our shops here in Germany is packed with sugar, most of the time. So, I started making my own peanut butter and almond butter or cashew butter. A good snack is also apple or banana with some peanut butter on, just saying in case you haven’t tried that yet.

You see, although it sounds very bad when you hear that someone has to live like that, but it really isn’t such a big deal. There a lots of people out there who cut out sugar and sweeteners because they want to live a healthy lifestyle and truth is sugar is extremely bad for your body, so it shouldn’t be such a difference if you simply don’t want to eat all these things because you follow a healthy diet or because of a special diet you’re on for health reasons.

Before anyone asks, no it isn’t actually crazy expensive. Yes, I thought so at first as well, but fact is it isn’t. Think like that: All the money you would spent on ice cream or sweets just goes to veg now. Since I have to eat like that I haven’t really lived on a higher budget or so. I’m a student, so I obviously couldn’t also afford to spend more money on food but if you think about what you eat you don’t have to spent ridiculous money on ‘healthy food’ or food that is labelled as such. You can do most of these things yourself or find something cheaper that is as good as the labelled things.


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