Enough is Enough.

Enough is Enough.

Aug 1, 2016, 2:26:14 AM Opinion

You hear about at least one shooting every week.

You think, "I'm so sorry that happened to that city. Man, that must suck."

You never expect it to happen to you.

And then you come home from a night out with friends.

You had a great time.

You had a bonfire.

You came home.

You hung out with a couple more friends after because it's Friday night and why not?

You laugh about Pokemon Go, life and singleness.

You laugh.

You check Facebook after they leave because why not?

Then, you see it.

Your heart stops.

You can't breathe because you see - 

Your town.

Your street name.

Your neighborhood.

A shooting.

Three deaths.

One injury.


Three deaths.

One injury.

Out of 15-20 people there.

You know these people.

You know of these people.

These people were my sister's friends.

These people were my friends.

These people and I have spent years together in the same school.

The shooter.

You've seen him around campus.

You've seen him interact with people.


How many more?

How many friends must I lose?

How many nights must I lose sleep, asking myself, "Is my current town going to be next?"

Gunmen have hit all the cities I've been to/lived in: Paris. Orlando. Bellevue. Mukilteo.

When is it done?

When will it be done?

How many more?

How many more?

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