Top 10 Machine Soundproofing Methods

machine soundproofing

Top 10 Machine Soundproofing Methods

Aug 27, 2021, 9:30:14 AM Tech and Science

The escalating use of machinery in industries and workshops is contributing to noise pollution pitfalls. It has become one such serious matter that needs to be counteracted. Government regularities have become stricter with their norms about controlling machine noise and its counterparts. As an employer, it is mandatory to assess whether employees are at a risk due to exposure to a noisy work environment.


The safest range of exposure weekly or daily is less than 80 dBA. It exceeds 85 dBA while working on machines like fans, compressors, lathe, rotors, motors, etc. Fan enclosures are blankets or wraps or a fan silencer that limits the fan noise. Noise from compressors is high pitched and they are generally, enclosed with insulators and fiberboards. While there are scores of measures that can emit the noise spread, the top 10 easy apply and affordable methods are discussed below.


●       Damping


 One of the most useful techniques in machine soundproofing and noise reduction. It can prevent vibration from fans and pipes from spreading to supporting structures. It converts the vibrational energy to heat energy, making them able to withstand heat too.


●       Acoustic screening and barriers


Affordable and a quick method to stop noise from spreading at the source only. It can be used for each machine at the ground level and is a better alternative to acoustic enclosures.


●        Fan installations


To reduce noise caused by fans, before getting to full fan enclosures, it would be easy to install a fan that has a high peak efficiency. Straight ducts can also be placed in between the fans to get an undisturbed flow.


●       Changing mounting position


Machine soundproofing can be achieved easily by changing the way the machine is set up. Vibrations may have been caused due to their mounting position and location.


●       Ear defenders


The simplest and the quickest way to deal with noisy machinery. It can reduce the noise levels by 37 dBA. There is a more advanced form of ear defenders available in the market which allows speech while simultaneously blocking unwanted noise.


●        Acoustic tunnel


While acoustic enclosures are great as machine soundproofing up to 55 dB, good-quality enclosures can last as close to 25 years. Acoustic openings are built for the exit of the products, but an opening may remit noise. Acoustic tunnels are specifically designed by engineers so that, the noise does not emit while products are exiting.


●         Heavy curtains


Soundproof acoustic curtains are hanged in front of the machines against the external walls. Multilayered heavy curtains catch the sound by trapping the air that hits it. Any floor gap should be concealed while hanging them to make the most out of them.


●         Ceiling clouds


Fire-resistant foams are a great option to use as ceiling clouds. Hanging from the ceiling of warehouses and restaurants too. They absorb sound moving up the floor and reflect them.

These are affordable options to look out for.


●           Fan silencer


Fan enclosures like silencers can be used for axial and centrifugal fans which reduces the noise up to 10 to 25 dBA.


Maybe the last one is highly economic savvy and something that can be done in almost all factories for soundproofing.


●       Shelves rearranging


Empty boxes and shelves that lie around can further be used for arranging them on the side walls. They will help absorb the noise that is trapped through the air. There shouldn’t be any gaps while rearranging them, as it may result in noise leakage.


Not only in industrial areas but machine soundproofing can be seen in many household appliances too. Today, companies are opting for a noise-free and seamless experience without disturbing the house ambiance.


Published by Jenny Clarke

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