What are the different types of podcasts available these days?

What are the different types of podcasts available these days?

May 3, 2021, 6:22:43 AM Entertainment

Podcasts always play a vital role in our lives. These days, a lot of people from different age groups are listening to them add a new motivation to their lives. Whether they are students, business owners, or kids, everyone loves to listen to podcasts. Besides being beneficial in passing the time, it is also very helpful for business owners to make the business grow well as they can easily listen to their favorite shows.

If you are among such people who love listening to free podcasts online, you may have heard about the different varieties of podcasts. If no then here in this post, we will make you aware of such categories of podcasts that you must know. 

The interview Podcast

Interview podcasts are such types of podcasts, which run among two people, and such people can be the host and a student or a guest. In the podcast, the host takes an interview while asking them questions. In the case of the interview podcasts, the audience can easily listen to their desired interview with the help of such podcasts. They always have some expectations related to the release of the new episode of such podcasts and always wait for it. 

Solo Podcast

The solo podcast is one of the standard types of podcast, which is available these days. It has been observed that people who have skills can run solo podcasts. The solo podcasts are likely to be talking along with some people. If you want to run a new podcast, then you can start it along with the solo podcasts, and it is most straightforward form of a podcast. To start with the solo podcast, the only thing that you must require is the microphone and any of your favorite editing software.

When you want to start a solo podcast, then you must have prior planning for it. These types of podcasts are very much simple and quite comfortable. It takes around 30 to 40 minutes to get prepared for the solo podcasts, and you are the one who is responsible for the failure or success of the solo podcast.

Conversational podcasts   

It is the other form of the most common type of podcast. As its name implies, this type of podcast requires two people to get involved. It is a straight conversation among two people who are having a fantastic understanding along with each other. On the other hand, the conversational podcasts are among two people hence they always have two hosts in a podcast.

The conversational podcasts are also known as co-hosted podcasts. It can be like a commentary or even like a comedy. In the conversation podcast, two people share their experiences along with each other and even along with the audience. While you are listening to the real life conversations podcaststhen you can also do your household chores as well.

The panel podcast format

The panel podcasts are very much similar to the interview podcasts, but in the case of panel podcasts there are more participants. The participants are the one who share the unique stories along with each other, which make it more entertaining and exciting. It can be a common conversation among two friends who are very much familiar along with each other. 

Non-fictional storytelling 

The non-fictional storytelling podcasts are based on real-life events. Such podcasts are related to the murders, history, or on the stories of a person.

Theatre podcast

The theatre podcasts are fictional podcasts, and they are available in multiple episodes, and its story is same as that of the drama serial. Such serials are narrated in a single voice, and there are many sounds that are also narrated within the theatre podcasts.


At last, we hope that you got all the ideas about the different types of podcasts. We believe that only the best one is the conversational podcast as there are many things to know about a person when it is all about the conversation podcasts.

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