Raspberries and Memories

Raspberries and Memories

Jul 8, 2016, 8:55:49 PM Life and Styles

When I was younger my mother planted raspberries on the south side of our garage, that really was not a garage. It was a cool building that was supposed to be a garage but instead was used to store things. It was a great adventure to go in there and discover things, and then wonder about its past when it was a one room school house. Despite its inside history and lack of usefulness it was rather useful to hold up those raspberries.

I do not remember anyone else in the family ever picking the raspberries when I was young, but I loved to do just that. The raspberries were the only thing to grow in that spot. Our attempts at several gardens never worked, maybe because we just got too eager and excited to pick things, like the carrots that never really became carrots. Raspberries were we could see.

There was something about those raspberries that had a meaning to me, still do. I was a little sad, sentimentally so, when my dad and stepmother sold that house. I wondered about those raspberries and if the new owners would enjoy them (I was informed they are no longer there) as much as I did.

When I came upon some difficulties in life and required a rather quick move I found myself in  a new home. The highlight was the raspberry patch. It was eventually revealed to me that those raspberries were descendants, so to speak, of the raspberries my mother had planted. Years earlier my step-grandfather had taken some shoots and planted them in his yard, which would eventually become my current yard.

Now I get the opportunity to pick raspberries again, but this time with my children. For the past week I have gone to the patch with my two youngest and we search for raspberries that are ripe and not half eaten by the crows. We eat as we pick. Eventually the girls cannot keep up with my picking and we get a good handful then sit on the lawn together and eat them.

Picking raspberries is not a huge deal to some people, but it is for me. It is a simple thing that is enjoyable and creates memories at the same time. It is that which makes it worth it. I do not need a ton of money, as I have been wishing I had more of, to create good times. It is things like this where I actually feel like life is perfect. We all need more of those moments: slowed down life with simple things.

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