“The Smiles Designer” — Offering You An Overall Oral Health Practice

Dr. Amanda M. Sheehan

“The Smiles Designer” — Offering You An Overall Oral Health Practice

Ever since Dr. Amanda M. Sheehan, at 12 years-old, designed a retainer for herself out of paperclips, you might say her fate was sealed. “My teeth weren’t straight and I saw my friends getting braces or retainers, so I thought I’d make my own,” says Dr. Sheehan. And she did.

Since then, her interest in dentistry has only grown. Now, as the lead dentist and owner of Oakland Family Dental, Dr. Amanda M. Sheehan is fulfilling her lifelong dream to “treat the person, not just the teeth.”

Through her years of experience Dr. Sheehan has developed a comprehensive approach to dental treatment — an approach that takes care of your overall oral health. In other words, she doesn’t refer out patients to other specialists for implants or other complicated dental procedures. She has worked hard to create a place where patients can be treated from the beginning until the end.

More Than a Beautiful Smile

Did you know that 36% of the population suffers from dental anxiety? This number doesn’t even include the 12% who suffer from extreme dental fear. Dr Sheehan knows how to put her patients at ease and turn their hesitation into a beautiful smile.

 “She’s the best dentist I’ve ever had and I’ve had many over the years. Nobody is like her. She actually cares,” says one patient. 

This caring, kind bedside manner filters down throughout her team as well. “You can’t teach people skills,” says Dr. Sheehan. “Everyone on my staff knows how to comfort people, and knows how to be empathetic and sympathetic. They know that the patient always comes first, above anything else.”

So, kiss your dental anxiety goodbye and get ready to leave with a smile on your face.

Setting Up Her Practice 

Dr. Amanda M. Sheehan launched Oakland Family Dental in 2016 after realizing it was her dream to provide the highest quality care possible.

 While many dentists prefer to refer patients out for complex treatments, Dr. Sheehan finds that patients often suffer because specialists don’t always have the total picture of what the treatment goals are for the whole outcome.

“When multiple providers are involved for someone’s treatment, it can get to be overwhelming and complicated for the patients,” she says, “sometimes it can be like, ‘Too many cooks in the kitchen’.” 

When you have a dentist who is unable to stand by your side for your entire treatment, prices quickly get out of control, time may be wasted, and often, there can be confusion for the patient. All of this is a recipe for dental anxiety.

This is why Dr. Sheehan has made it her mission to treat patients from beginning to end. This level of treatment not only ensures efficiency and quality, but it also allows patients to relax and see a friendly face when they go in for their procedures. 

Because of the quality of her work, and the love she puts into her practice, Dr. Sheehan has earned her nickname, “The Smiles Designer.”

Life Changing Care

When you find a trusted dentist, you want to stay with them until their retirement because dental work makes people feel very vulnerable.

Take it from Tammy, who had a dentist she adored. After he retired, her feelings of fear and anxiety about going to the dentist crept back in. Walking into Dr. Sheehan’s office upon the recommendation of a friend, Tammy immediately felt at ease, “the staff is very nice, warm, and welcoming.” 

Tammy felt as though Dr. Sheehan’s staff tailored the experience for her. “Dr. Sheehan makes you feel connected in a way no other medical professional has made me feel.” She said, “she even texted me the next day to make sure I was feeling alright.” 

From the gentle touch on your arm, to the smile on her face, to the space she gives you to express your concerns — Dr. Sheehan goes above and beyond. This experience changed Tammy’s life. Where she once had fear and anxiety, she now has self-confidence and a beautiful smile. 

“Don’t worry about being judged,” said Tammy. “Whether you take care of your teeth or not, the doctor and her staff are going to take care of your teeth! You will feel as though you are a part of the family.” 

What’s Next? 

Dr. Sheehan’s goal is to operate a dental practice that leaves every patient feeling the same — as though they are a part of her family. 

The support Dr. Sheehan has in her own life empowers her to give so much to her patients. She has a loving husband whom she met on a trip while providing free dental care in the Dominican Republic, a supportive mother who moved from San Francisco to help her run her first dental practice, and many others who are happy to stand by her side.

Clearly, Dr. Sheehan knows how to live her life and run her business on her own terms. She never takes anything she has for granted. 

“What’s most rewarding is being able to show people that dentistry is truly amazing,” Dr. Sheehan says. “I love that I get to come to work, enjoy what I’m doing, and help people.”

If you live in the Oakland area and are looking for a life-changing dentist, give Oakland Family Dental a call, and proudly wear that smile on your face. 

Dr. Amanda M. Sheehan from Oakland Family Dental is a Michigan-based highly-acclaimed dental physician, managing and helping patients with their overall oral health, and getting them the smile that they're looking for.  Dr. Sheehan is one of the few general dentists in the US and Canada that has achieved an Academy of General Dentistry Mastership. She has completed considerable hours of continuing education and years of valuable experience in general and cosmetic dentistry. To learn more about her practice please visit: https://oaklandfamilydental.com/

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