8 Ways React Native App Development Reduces Costs And Time To Market

8 Ways React Native App Development Reduces Costs And Time To Market

The future is mobile and this means React Native app development is going to rule the future. If you didn’t know, the number of users switching to smartphones or those buying a new one is increasing in millions by the day. And let’s not oversee the number of users who own a tablet, laptop, a desktop computer, smart televisions and watches apart from a smartphone as well.

To throw in some numbers, it is anticipated that there will be over 33 billion devices connected to the internet by the end of 2020. On an average, a common human will own 4.3 devices by the year end. Though the number is not the focus here, the point is the traffic each of us would be generating from the diverse devices we own.

We would be accessing content and information from all our devices as most of the inevitable apps would be downloaded and synced on at least two of the major devices we own. Keeping this insight in mind, what becomes essential for us as developers and business owners is the technology and development tools we need to deploy that can take care of concerns arising out of traffic, stability and scalability and yet simultaneously reducing expenses.

And if there’s one tool or framework that could seamlessly handle all of these, it’s React Native. Reach Native app development is recommended for all entrepreneurs and developers out there as it’s one ideal cross platform application development tool. If you weren’t aware of this tool before, don’t worry. We have got you covered because this entire write up is dedicated to shedding more insights on the powers and potentials of react native application development

Let’s get started.

What is React Native?

React Native is a hybrid application development framework that was conceived, developed and rolled out by the social media mammoth Facebook. Launched way back in 2013 to help developers find simpler ways to build apps for Android, iOS and the web, the tool immediately went on to become popular because of its features and capabilities.

It flaunts on Github over 30,000 stars as well. And did we mention that it is open-source?

What’s more interesting is that according to statistics, cross platform application developing is witnessing an upsurge in terms of adoption. Experts believe that this segment will generate a revenue of around $80.5bn by 2020. With the features React Native offers, we could be sure that developers and companies around the world would increasingly choose to prefer React Native development over Ionic app development or Xamarin app development.

Well, for beginners, this trend has already started with some of the biggest companies using React Native for their applications.



Let’s look at some of them:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • UberEats
  • Discord
  • Bloomberg
  • Myntra
  • AirBnB and more

How React Native App Development Differs From Other Frameworks

First things first, React Native uses JavaScript for writing. That’s why it is a hybrid development framework. If you look at the native app development frameworks such as Kotin or Java in the case of Android or Swift for iOS, you need to develop applications for the two operating systems individually. Whereas with React Native, you have to develop your application just once.

If this differentiates React Native from other native app development frameworks, it distinguishes itself from similar hybrid frameworks with the fact that it renders native components straight from JavaScript codes, instead of relying on web view for the same purpose.

These are the primary things you need to know to get started. For better comprehension, let’s look at more points that makes react native app development service more convenient.


Why You Should Choose React Native For Your Next Project?


Well, who doesn’t want to cut down on development and operational expenses? With React Native, you can do this seamlessly. Like we mentioned above, you don’t have to develop applications twice – one for each operating system. You simply need to develop and deploy once and you’ll have an app that runs seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices. So, you just need one team instead of two. Besides, app maintenance is also simple with React Native. If you’re a boot-strapped entrepreneur or a solopreneur, React Native is your go-to framework.


Code Reusability

You can significantly reduce your time to market with the code reusability benefits of React Native. By writing code just once, you can migrate or deploy the same for a different operating system and get it live in a short time. Being a hire react native app developers framework, you don’t have to worry about its functionalities, stability and performance as well. You get a native-style performance with React Native. So, if limited time and maximum output is your goal, you know which framework to choose.


Less Use of Memory

If you recollect, there would be hardly any instances of apps like Facebook or Instagram crashing. That’s because they are robust, powerful and operate with zero lag. That’s the power of React Native app development. It gives the app ultimate powers to function hassle-free without any crashes or delays. Another thing, you wouldn’t find much differences between an app for Android and an app for iOS. They appear and function in similar ways. With robust integrations with 3rd party APIs and less memory consumption, React Native scores yet another time.


App Maintenance

App development is just 50% of the task in hand. The remaining 50% that is almost perpetual is app maintenance. When your business grows and more people sign up on your app, you would want to keep your app active at all times. You can’t afford delays, downtimes or crashes. That’s where React Native proves beneficial once again. It's easier to maintain React Native apps and if you intend to roll out patches and updates to your apps, that process is comparatively simple too.


We can be sure that you don’t start a business just to keep it stagnated at one stage. You want to grow and expand it as much as you can, right? Well, with such intentions, what becomes equally important is the compatibility of your app with your vision. Your app should be designed and built for scalability as well. And if it’s built with React Native, there’s no need to worry. With this framework, you could scale your app vertically and deploy several techniques such as component testing, functional testing, integration testing and more.


Reloading Capabilities

The two types of reloading – hot and live – are supported by React Native. This means any changes developers make can be instantly viewed and reviewed. While the hot reloading feature ensures the implementation of modifications without recompilations, the live reloading feature makes sure that the modifications are read for reflection. This immensely boosts your team’s productivity as it is easy to go back, make changes, implement, roll back and do more almost instantly.


Strong Support System

There will be no point in time you will be stuck with a concern related to React Native. Millions of developers across the globe work on the framework and upload documents, tips and tricks, techniques, best practices and other helpful resources on working with the React Native. Most of the questions you face already have answers online. You could also look at the framework’s Discord community for quick responses to your questions. The incredible community of React Native makes it one of the most reliable tools in the arsenal.



React Native is here to stay and there’s no way it would be replaced in the future. With several companies adopting React Native app development for their applications and web apps, React Native is going nowhere. So, you can go ahead and invest in a React Native team without second thoughts. React Native is prominent to such an extent that even a Flutter development company wouldn’t mind recommending it to you.


Wrapping Up

We hope the insights weren’t too overwhelming. In simple words, you need to understand that hybrid mobile app development is the future and React Native is an integral part of this future. If you feel, you can’t pull these off by yourself, get in touch with an expert React Native app development company like us to get your idea developed into an app.


We also build cloud native applications if you’re curious about them as well.

So, talk to us today and find out how you could go about building your dream.


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