Throwback Thursday: Morocco

Throwback Thursday: Morocco

Just like every Thursday, I’m here to tell you about a time when I did something silly in another country. Maybe silly isn’t the right word. Maybe I should use daring, spontaneous, or foolish instead? Either way, I do a lot of things that perhaps would be better undone, but since I’ve already committed, I feel that they should be shared with you in hopes of making you shake your head and laugh while you sit and read.

So here’s to yet another  Thursday smile for you in the long list of 52 Thursdays in 2016.

Once upon a time I went to Morocco. I was young, I was broke, and I had no plan. Good start to the story, right?

At the time I was living in Spain, and one day my friend from Hamburg called me and asked if I wanted to go to Africa … the next day. Clearly the only appropriate answer to that question was: I’m already buying my ticket!

Needless to say, when two teenagers plan a trip to Africa something is bound to go awry. When I say something, I mean somethings. Plural.

Thing One: A plane ticket doesn’t come with a hotel.

Right, this may seem obvious to literally anyone, but somehow we missed the memo and showed up at midnight in Morocco with nowhere to go. Luckily some locals rescued us from our very comfortable bench and took us to a delightfully cute hotel in the city.

morocco alley blue doors

Thing Two: €40 is not enough money for a week.

No one should be surprised by this statement. We seemed to be, however. Thankfully we made friends with the local baker who was kind enough to feed us every morning. Otherwise I may have been forcibly put on an extreme diet.

friends eating in Morocco

Thing Three: 1 German and 1 American haggling in a bazaar.

Seeing as neither of us were trained in the nuanced art form of the bargain, our version of haggling quickly devolved into something that sounded more like arguing. We were  banned from that street.

I know, we may sound like failed travelers to you, but actually not everything was botched! Au contraire. To this day, Morocco is one of my favorite trips that I have ever taken.



I held a monkey.

monkey on shoulder in morocco

Do I look scared? I was scared.

I rode a camel.

camel in morocco

Me on a camel having the time of my life

I was serenaded from the rooftops as I watched the sun set into the Sahara.

Moroccan Sunset

You can't hear the evening prayers, but they were resonating through the buildings.

All in all, I would have to say that this unexpected and unplanned trip was a success because, after all was said and done, we came home and lived happily ever after with a mind and a camera full of Moroccan memories.

I’m dying to know, what is the most ridiculous situation you’ve ever landed yourself in while traveling? Leave your story in the comments!

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