[The story of a dream] Funeral Home

[The story of a dream] Funeral Home

Jul 16, 2016, 5:05:47 PM Religion

I see many vision like this in my dream and never recorded it. Every dream can make me stronger. I train hard inside my dream. This is the first time I write and share the story.

25 May 2016 5:45 AM

At home, I got a ferrero chocolate maker from someone. My first trial was failed. My second was good. 

Shift to a elementary school. I bring my beautiful dress and met my “brother”, hug him and talk for a while. Just the two of us. After talking, I told him that I need to find changing room. I searched from floor 1 to 3 and all were occupied. I use corner lift to return to the first floor. 

I forget my clothes and use the center lift to go to the third floor. I noticed a man with suit, 2 nurse, teens, but no children in there. Suddenly, I feel a vertigo and almost fainted, but a nurse behind me hold my body. I felt dizzy. 

The lift start to move forward, not upward. It was a train station. I amazed. When I arrived, I see a balanced board flying in front of my feet. I step on it and begin to move. When I realized, it is not third floor of a school. Its a funeral house! I return to balanced board and try to returning back to the lift.

On the way back, I see many people crying and being pushed by her family and friends behind her. Like she never want to leave. 

I feel someone followed me. When I see him, he was a man with suit in the lift. I try to speed up. My heart is beating hard. I arrived in the lift and repeatedly press close door button. 

The lift begin to shift. I fall down from above in front of the receptionist. Not a hard fall down. It is more like flying. The place is the real world hospital. I wear a hospital gown and my clothes dropped above my head. I wake up from my dream. It was 5:45 am and I am not tired.

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