3 Ways HubSpot Stripe Integration Streamlines The Recurring Payment

3 Ways HubSpot Stripe Integration Streamlines The Recurring Payment

Dec 21, 2021, 1:34:52 PM Business

Online recurring payment processing is different from normal payment processing because one customer comes recurrently to pay through the same channel. Thereby, your channel to receive payments has to be perfectly functional. HubSpot Stripe integrated with subscription management software offers a complete business solution for any subscription business. In this article, you will find five ways that prove HubSpot Stripe integration is the ultimate automated business solution for subscription businesses.

Easy way to Setting up HubSpot Stripe Integration

Payment Gateways

Today, online sales and purchases are unthinkable without a payment gateway. What is so special about a payment gateway that it is a must for online payment processing? A payment gateway encrypts the credit card information that the customer has to share to pay their recurring charges. This encryption is important so that the sensitive information of the customer remains secure and transactions can be processed repeatedly without any threat of information leak. HubSpot integrated with Stripe payment gateway offers the best combination of the customer management platform with the payment gateway. Also, businesses need multiple payment gateway integrations so that if one of the gateways is down the other is available to allow customers to make payments. So, you can also get HubSpot PayPal integration. Multiple payment gateway integrations also save you from involuntary churn. Other than that sometimes, the customer base in a specific region prefers a specific payment gateway. So, you cannot help but offer the integration with the payment gateway that your customers prefer.

Multiple Currency Support

Another very important factor for online payment processing is multiple currency support. Almost all subscription businesses target customers from beyond borders. And to cater to international customers, you need to allow them to pay in the local currency. Moreover, it has become a norm to allow customers to pay in the local currency. Other than this your competitors also offer multiple currency support so sooner or later you have to offer this feasibility to our customers. HubSpot Stripe integration will allow you to offer your customers to pay in their local currency because it offers multiple currency support. Offering multiple currency support offer you various business benefits. It satisfies customers, retains the flow of revenue, and secures the payment processing channel.

Quick Payment Processing

Today, many customers avoid certain payment methods because they are slow. So, it is important not only for the customer but for your business as well to have a Fintech stack that will process the payments quickly and securely. Stripe integrated with HubSpot and a recurring payment management system enables businesses to process payment swiftly. So, you can satisfy customers by processing payments quickly. Multiple payment gateways also allow you to process payment in time. How? You need to consider a scenario. If one payment gateway is down and a customer tries to pay and there is no other payment gateway, then it can become the cause of involuntary churn. So, if there is another payment gate, the customer can retry to pay and payment will be processed right away from the other payment gateway.

If you are looking for HubSpot integration partners, then you can trust SubscripionFlow. They can help you get subscription management software integrated with HubSpot and the payment gateways that can play role in securing your payment processing channels. So, you can manage all business processes of your subscription business from a single platform if you contact SubscriptionFlow to get the HubSpot integration. 

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