Why I read

When I tell people that I read for the enjoyment of reading, most people look at me like I’m crazy. I have read books for enjoyment all my life. Books are the reason I have gotten through some of the toughest times in my life. They have been an escape from reality when reality was to much to handle.

Escaping into a world such as the Shadowhunter world, the Vampire Academy world, or even the world of Twilight, is the easiest way to forget what is going on in my life. These characters and stories have become apart of me and define certain stages of my life. Twilight reignited my passion for reading in the eighth grade. The characters helped me get through a time of great uncertainty. Since then, I have gone to books to help when people couldn’t.

I also have severe social anxiety and books have helped me deal with that. If I know that I have a social engagement to go to, I will either have a book in my bag or a E-book ready on my phone. So if I start to feel a panic attack or stress coming on, I just pull out my book or phone and read a chapter or so to calm me down. I probably get stared at when I do this, but I don’t care anymore.

Books have been a constant in my life. No matter what, books are always there ready to swallow me up in its world. The worlds stay constant and it helps me in time of change, which I don't handle very well. For example, if I need the feeling of something familiar, I can enter the Shadowhunter world and know what to expect. I can expect there to be demons to be killed and villains to defeat but at the end of it all, it remains constant. 

Everyone has that one thing, and this happens to be mine. Why do you read?

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