Out of Oz #TuesdayTunes

Out of Oz #TuesdayTunes

Oct 11, 2016, 11:32:53 AM Entertainment

You’re most probably familiar with the word “Oz” already. There’s the original Frank L. Baum book, then there’s the 1939 movie with Judy Garland, then the ’70s Broadway musical version, followed by an all-star cast film adaptation of that Broadway musical version in 1978, and then there’s the Gregory Maguire book inspired by the original book but not quite, THEN the Broadway musical inspired by that book inspired by the original…

Yeah, I know you’re familiar with it. And you know what I’m featuring today: WICKED songs!

I’m sorry if I’m tiring you with a lot of WICKED stuff in this blog…Actually, I’m not sorry, he he…I love, love, looooove the Broadway musical. Couldn’t you tell with my WICKEDly Ozsome review?  (ED. Sorry for the spoiler. This is direct from my blog, ergo, the mention about my WICKED love and the review, which should be posted any day from now)

That intro aside, I am happy to announce I found this series on YouTube. They call it the #OutofOz series and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying them. It’s “where favorite Wicked alumni and current performers sing re-imagined versions of Wicked songs.” Not sure if there should be more, but so far, I’m only seeing four of them.  Gimme MOOOOOREEEE!!!!!


A new take on “For Good” (a song they originally sang) by Kristin Chenoweth (Glinda) and Idina Menzel (Elphaba)


Duet version "Defying Gravity" by Rachel Tucker (Elphaba)  and Aaron Tveit (Fiyero)


Cute "Popular" song by Aaron Tveit! Hee...


Lastly, "I'm Not That Girl" duet version by Rachel Tucker (Elphaba and Kara Lindsay (Glinda)


 LOVE 'EM!!!!


Hope you loved them as much as I did/do. Check out last time’s #TuesdayTunes, They Say Something Together🙂

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