They Say Something Together #TuesdayTunes

They Say Something Together #TuesdayTunes

Today, I introduce to you #TuesdayTunes!!! This is all about music, folks. Please keep in mind, if you are in Asia, that I am following a different time zone, so forgive me.

So for our “opening salvo”, we’ve got Hanna de Guzman (from my college years) doing a SMULE duet with Ian Axel, one-half of A Great Big World, who originally sang this song:

I’ve known Hanna since college. We were from the same city but never met until college, taking up the same degree and going to the same university in a nearby town. I knew she was a singer in her own right, in fact, she sang our college radio station’s theme song. I have always loved the quality of her voice.

Fast-forward to these days. I have been checking out (and enjoying!) Hanna’s duets with her friends when I saw this duet with the lead singer himself of the duo that sang “Say Something”. This happened after she got an invitation for a duet.

We’ll get to know more about Hanna one of these days. Meanwhile, like I always say, ENJOY!



Did you like what you heard? Will be posting here about Hanna -- an interview-- one of these days. OR, check out my blog THE END JUSTIFIES THE JOURNEY tomorrow!!!

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