They Say Something Together #TuesdayTunes

They Say Something Together #TuesdayTunes

Today, I introduce to you #TuesdayTunes!!! This is all about music, folks. Please keep in mind, if you are in Asia, that I am following a different time zone, so forgive me.

So for our “opening salvo”, we’ve got Hanna de Guzman (from my college years) doing a SMULE duet with Ian Axel, one-half of A Great Big World, who originally sang this song:

Hanna and Ian Sing "Say Something"

I’ve known Hanna since college. We were from the same city but never met until college, taking up the same degree and going to the same university in a nearby town. I knew she was a singer in her own right, in fact, she sang our college radio station’s theme song. I have always loved the quality of her voice.

Fast-forward to these days. I have been checking out (and enjoying!) Hanna’s duets with her friends when I saw this duet with the lead singer himself of the duo that sang “Say Something”. This happened after she got an invitation for a duet.

Ian Axel’s invitation for a duet

We’ll get to know more about Hanna one of these days. Meanwhile, like I always say, ENJOY!



Did you like what you heard? Will be posting here about Hanna -- an interview-- one of these days. OR, check out my blog THE END JUSTIFIES THE JOURNEY tomorrow!!!

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