Book Review | No Virgin by Anne Cassidy

Book Review | No Virgin by Anne Cassidy

Oct 23, 2016, 12:49:37 AM Entertainment
No Virgin by Anne Cassidy
​Publisher | ​Hot Key Books ​(November 2016)
​Genre | ​YA, Contemporary
​Rating | ​4/5
I would like to thank Net Galley and Hot Key Books for providing me an eARC of No Virgin by Anne Cassidy​ in exchange of an honest review.


Book Review

I have heard a lot of good things about Anne Cassidy's works, and this is the first novel of hers that I have read.
No Virgin is about Stacey's story, and straight away she tells us what happened to her:
 And this book recounts the events that lead to her sexual assault and its aftermath. After telling her best friend, Patrice, that she has been raped - Patrice encourages Stacey to write down her story. Starting from the beginning and to leave nothing out.
This has been a quick and short read that talks about the difficult subject of rape. I believe that this is a powerful novel, and it shows you how it really is from the perspective of the victim of sexual assault.
I think this is a good book for teenagers to read, or anyone for that matter just to give an insight to the fact that individuals who have been victims of sexual assault can, and will, blame themselves for what has happened to them - that they have gotten themselves into this situation and there's nothing they can do. That sexual predators can be anyone, they can be nice to you and may act like genuine people when in reality they're not.
It isn't a necessarily original plot for a novel, but it does it's job in looking at rape victims and of the blame culture that societies have.


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