Tips from Copperstones Properties on investing in real estate

Tips from Copperstones Properties on investing in real estate

Nov 19, 2021, 7:51:22 AM Business

Are you thinking about investing and feel confused about where to invest your money? Have you ever thought about investing in real estate? Or have you ever heard the saying “renting in real estate is like a righteous son”?

As the Dubai Copperstones Properties platform is the fastest growing platform in the real estate marketing sector, we will provide you with real estate investment tips in an effort to benefit you with all that is valuable and new in a manner commensurate with the real estate market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Why should you invest in real estate?

There is no doubt that the real estate sector is full of investment opportunities that, if studied successfully, will achieve huge profits. Perhaps one of the most important reasons that motivate investors to invest in this sector is that it achieves two types of financial returns, which are as follows:

Capital returns: It means buying a property and leaving it for a long period of time until its price doubles and it achieves great profits.

Current returns: It means the financial returns obtained from renting these properties. For example, if you own 3 properties and rent them, you will get, in addition to your basic income, the rental amounts of these properties, whether they are residential properties or commercial properties.

Real Estate Investment:

Although real estate investment has been familiar for a long time and is widely spread among businessmen and the wealthy of society, it is full of risks because the real estate market is volatile and suffers under the weight of changes between supply and demand. That is why there is no one way that is guaranteed to profit, but it is a very profitable sector for those who are fluent in the rules of the game, or in other words, who knows where the shoulder is eaten from, and it depends largely on the strength and quality of relationships. Strong relationships give the investor a stronger position in the market and gain him a competitive advantage over others.

Real estate investment tips

The real estate sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the important sectors that achieves a major source of income, and this sector is witnessing qualitative shifts and great developments within relatively short periods of time, so if you want to invest in the right real estate, here is a set of real estate investment tips

You can invest relatively small amounts:

It must be time to change the concept of real estate investment in terms of the need to provide high capital, you do not need very large amounts of cash to be able to invest in the real estate sector, there are many ways that you can invest in exchange for small amounts of money commensurate with the owner's Limited income, and among these methods:

Purchasing shares in real estate portfolios that are listed in the financial market and are specialized in income-generating properties (ie rental properties). These portfolios distribute annual returns to shareholders.

Collective investment: This is by buying a share in property according to your financial ability, and other people are participating in the other shares in the property, and therefore profits are distributed based on the percentage of shares for each investor.

Searching for properties that offer easy payment plans directly from the developer, that is, without the mediation of financing companies and banks, and without paying large amounts of interest on loans.

Know the price by meter

You may see a large advertising campaign to buy a property at a very attractive price, but the problem is not in the price, but in the space. If you divide the price by the foot, you will find that the price of the foot is very high, so before investing in buying a property, you need to know and calculate the price per meter and not the total price of the property.

Study changes in home buying trends

There has been a lot of change and difference in the trends of individuals to buy homes, according to the changes that are taking place around us in the world, so the desire to acquire independent homes, or homes that are designed in a modern and modern way at an appropriate price at the same time, has increased, especially those that make the best use of the available space. Taking into account the privacy of household members.

Floor Villas Project

In the context of talking about homes with modern and contemporary designs, it is worth mentioning the series of distinctive and innovative projects implemented by Al-Sulaiman Real Estate Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the series of the “Adwar” villas project in Riyadh, in which it relied mainly on good planning to exploit the spaces in a practical way. And high efficiency, according to the highest standards of privacy for each housing unit.

So I worked on building two independent housing units on one land, and it allows you to own a villa with two completely separate floors, taking into account the independence of each unit in terms of entrance, car parking, water tank, well, and electricity and water meters. So that you, as an investor in this project, can achieve the goal of independent housing and the goal of investment at the same time: by living in one of the two floors and making a financial profit from the rental income of the other floor

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