Asian Beauty Products: Darkness 1 Lashes

Asian Beauty Products: Darkness 1 Lashes

Jul 2, 2016, 7:34:23 PM Life and Styles

If you've been a follower of beauty trends for the past couple of years, you know how huge Asian beauty products have become in the beauty scene. With the growth of Korean culture, music, food throughout the world, Korean beauty products are also rising to the forefront. On that note, today I'll be reviewing Darkness's 1 false lashes.

If you've followed me on Instagram (@imkaffeine) or my blog, you know I had a mini haul from Memebox, a site that specializes in Korean beauty products. One of the 2 products I purchased was these lashes.

I have used Darkness's lashes in the past, mainly when I was a poor student that needed false eyelashes for stage performances and saw false lashes for $4 online that just happened to be Korean.


  • Lashes have more of a plastic-y feeling than a softer mink fur-kinda feeling. (Which I like because it makes getting eyelash glue off them easier and then re-using)
  • Low cost point (~$4) for 2 pairs.
  • Natural appearance. Looks like regular lashes on, just longer.
  • Comes with a small clear and black eyelash glue... And Darkness's eyelash glue is gooood.


  • Not as soft to the touch as lashes with fur or higher hair percentage.
  • Difficult to get, since you usually have to buy online.
  • Naming system confuses me (laughs). When I try to remember which one I purchased before, it's tough to recall if you don't remember the number since many look similar.


Overall: 4.5/5 The lashes last a long time, as long as you take off your dried glue afterwards so they don't get super chunky and at an affordable price point. Docked .5 points just due to having to order mine online.


Have you tried any of Darkness's false lashes? Leave a comment with your experience with them.



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