Sephora Haul: Becca, Belif, & samples

Sephora Haul: Becca, Belif, & samples

This post we're talking about my mini haul delivery from Sephora. I like to keep you guys up to date with what I'm purchasing and trying (finally), mainly because it justifies my addiction...

So, today on the menu is:

Becca Glow on the Go: Shimmering Skin Perfector Opal set - This set includes a deluxe sample of both the Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlight (0.17 fl. Oz) and Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed (0.085 Oz) in Opal. I also used a coupon code for a second deluxe sample of Pressed Opal, which is pretty true to size on the box... I also included swatches for Spotlight Opal (left) and Pressed Opal (right) to see if they appeared differently when put on skin. Pressed Opal actually looks slightly more gold/champagne to me, while Spotlight Opal looks more pink-toned. Spotlight Opal is liquid, so it is more creamy and may be better on drier skin. It has a doe-foot applicator, while Pressed Opal has a nice mini mirror (great for carrying around to fix that highlight on the go!).

Belif First Aid Anti-hangover soothing mask - So we all know my skin is an angry drunk with quite the temperament. Hence, the anti-hangover mask... I'm hoping it will soothe my skin when it's red and irritated just from going through my day. I included a snap shot of the ingredients (for those of you considering it, but doing research first) and directions. The mask itself is a clear, gel-like texture with a minty, herbal scent. It's not overwhelmingly scented, but you will smell it on your face.


Dr. Jart Premium BB SPF 45 - I love any face products with light to medium coverage and good SPF. It saves me a step of layering my sunscreen, which is crucial when you're running 10 minutes late to work! The sample itself is 1mL/0.04 fl Oz, so probably 1 application. Probably enough to tell if it irritates your skin or matches your skin tone, at least.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More pore refining primer - This primer claims to: 1. Minimize pores. 2. Absorb oil. 3. Mattify shine. Which in the summer with the humidity and temperatures slowly creeping up is amazing, if true.

Unfortunately, my skin is still suffering from an angry eczema bought, so most likely it will be a while before I can try these products on my face. Maybe that's why I got all the "Dr." Samples? I'm excited to getting down to review these once my face is no longer scaring small children!



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