Swatchathon: Metallic Lips with L'Oreal Pro Last

Swatchathon: Metallic Lips with L'Oreal Pro Last

Today, we're talking about the metallic lip look. I know I've been on the hunt for affordable, lasting metallic lipsticks. I came across L'Oreal Infallible Pro Last (2 step) lip color in Lasting Ginger as an affordable, easy to find, drugstore metallic liquid lipstick. If you've browsed my blog or Instagram, some of my first posts talked about the L'Oreal Pro Last formula. In short, I love it for a long lasting liquid lipstick. The second step balm keeps your lips from getting crazy dry compared to matte liquid lipsticks. But the formula is transfer proof and minimally flakes if you reapply the second step and wear for less that 12 hours.

We're specifically talking about the colors: Lasting Ginger and Henna to Heaven (which I picked up today!) I've got them swatched above without the 2nd step balm in direct light and shade. Lasting ginger is the champagne gold color and Henna to Heaven is the rose gold-ish shade. Henna to Heaven did apply a bit more opaque than Ginger, though it'll still take ~2 layers if you want super opaque color. I'm in love with the shades; they're lighter, more neutral metallic lipsticks, so a good transition into the trend without going full blown, dark metallic lip.

I also wanted to see if they could be layered over other liquid lipsticks to make them metallic. The answer: kind of... But not the most effective. Below, I've swatched Henna to Heaven layered over Ofra's Long Lasting liquid lipstick in Havana Nights. It is slightly more metallic that it comes off in the photo, but it doesn't make Havana Nights look like a full out, metallic lipstick. Just Havana Nights on the LEFT and with Henna to Heaven on the RIGHT.

I couldn't try these in a look yet, as my skin is still in freak out mode and is too busy scaring small children. But I'm looking forward to testing the metallic lipstick trend!


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