Benefits Of Using A Foam Cannon When Washing Your Car

Benefits Of Using A Foam Cannon When Washing Your Car

Oct 18, 2021, 8:43:22 PM Business

How do you choose between foam cannons and hand washing when it comes to washing your car? Foam cannons often referred to as pressure washers, are the newest addition to detailing enthusiasts' arsenal of tools. They provide excellent results with little effort on your part, but they also require careful maintenance to prevent malfunctioning or damage. What are the benefits of using a foam cannon vs. hand washing? And how do you use them correctly? Let's take a look at some simple guidelines to help make your decision easier!

Easily Remove Dirt With Lubrication

Car Cleaner Spray is excellent for use on both inside and outside parts of your vehicle. It removes dirt, grime, tar, road film, and more from door jambs, wheel wells, frames, and so much more. It will clean rust off chrome bumpers, and it will even get red clay out from under truck caps. Car Cleaner Spray is effective in removing harmful chemicals left behind by bug sprays; it's especially beneficial to use after driving through areas where pesticides are used. Car cleaner spray is non-toxic; it has no ammonia or chlorine bleach in its ingredients that can harm vinyl or rubber surfaces. So if you accidentally spray on delicate parts like tires or dashboards, they won't be damaged in any way.

The Slick Surface Of Foam Makes Dirt Easy To Wash Away

When you are looking to remove tough dirt and grime but don't want to take your car to an expensive auto spa, the Foam Cannon can be quite handy. The foaming detergent will cling better to your vehicle's exterior and can remove even stuck-on dirt with ease. If you want clean, shiny wheels on your new car, using foaming wheel cleaner is also a great option. Foamy wheel cleaners work hard and quickly on tires and wheels and won't leave behind harmful streaks or residue that can actually stain painted surfaces. For best results when cleaning tires or wheels with foam cannon accessories, we recommend using quick detailing spray – it will help break down stubborn dirt for easier removal.

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Reduced Risk Of Scratching Paint

Car Cleaner Spray is just what it sounds like. It's an easy-to-use spray that lets you wash, wax, and protect your vehicle in one fell swoop. One of its primary uses is to provide protection against dirt particles after you've washed off all the loose grime but before you polish or wax it. You also can make sure there are no spots or watermarks on windows after using an auto wash service. For best results, allow your Car Cleaner Spray to sit for at least five minutes before wiping away any excess dirt with paper towels.

Foam Cannons Help Prevent Cross-Contamination

foam cannon is generally used by auto enthusiasts who need to wash their cars on a regular basis. Using soap or detergent with traditional hose sprayers can lead to overspray, drips, and extra time spent on detailing. A foam cannon attaches directly to your hose and creates giant, foamy bubbles that help you easily wash your car's exterior without wasting any product. Fill up each section of your foam cannon with the product, attach it to an outdoor faucet and begin rinsing away dirt, grime, and other contaminants from your vehicle. A typical detail process using one takes about half as long as it would otherwise take because they're so effective at removing dirt without wasting soap or water.


Car cleaning spray is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to wash their car by hand. These specially designed products come in concentrated formulas that dilute with water and other additives (like soap). When combined, these ingredients make foamy suds to cleanse and shine your vehicle. Some manufacturers even add other items like wax to give you extra protection against damaging UV rays and dirt.

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