How To Prepare Your House for Spring

How To Prepare Your House for Spring

Spring is a pleasant season and you should get your house prepared for spring. There are many things you can do.

Let the light and air in

In winter you would have spent most of your time by the fireplace wrapped up in a blanket or wearing thick clothes. Spring is the time when the sun shine so bright and the skies clear up, make use of this by letting the light and air inside the house and refreshing your place.

During winter you would have had your windows all closed and covered the windows with thick curtain. In spring you don’t need to cover it anymore, open the curtains wide and also open your windows and let the air and light in. It would be nice to have clean windows at this time so prepare for the spring with cleaned windows, if you are finding it difficult to do it on your own you can hire someone to do it for you.

If it’s possible try to change your heavy curtain with light ones and if it’s too much of a trouble you can move them to the side and secure them with pull backs

Add light colours to your house

Spring is a season full of brightness and to bring this into your house, add white or light-coloured décor in your house to bring out that fresh look. Some things you can do are to put white curtains for the window, change your table cloth to something light coloured, change your bedsheet and get a new quilt covers king single and more. You can also get a white vase or something that goes with the season and fill it with beautiful spring flowers, pitchers for your dining table and decorative pieces hanging from the wall.

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Plant something

Spring is the to bloom and you can also start growing something. You can plant it outside but if it’s too cold to grow anything then you can get a small houseplant or small herb and place it by the window.

Get some fragrance

A good smelling house creates a pleasant atmosphere; you can get a diffuser or candle or even get a fragrance spray. Some spring time fragrances are lavender, lilac, lemon, honey suckle and etc.

Floral elements

Flowers symbolizes spring, add floral elements to your house. Bring fresh flowers and put them in your vase. If you are bringing fresh flowers you need to place them in water so they don’t wilt away soon. If you have any allergies, you can replace fresh flowers with faux. You can also add floral bedsheets and table cloths to bring the spring feels.

Clean the house

Prepare your house for spring by giving it a deep clean. You can get together with your family members and clean your house thoroughly, or you could even hire a helper to do the work. Try to bring a new look to the house by changing up the arrangement a little. Organize your stuff and throw away what you find unnecessary.

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