Jul 24, 2017, 7:11:03 PM Religion

I visited a family recently who had a demonic spirit inhabiting their house and throwing things around in the night.  When they threw all their witch craft items out of the house and called on the name of Jesus, they were saved, set free and even their house got warmer!  The devil did his best but his best was not good enough to stop the power of Jesus.

Philip the evangelist went down to Samaria to preach the gospel but when he got there he found someone else was already there. He wasn’t there long before he was involved in a demonic power struggle with Simon the sorcerer. Acts 8  It seems there was a strong hold to be broken in every place the gospel went, in the book of Acts.  It seems that when the enemy knows that the gospel is coming to set his captives free, he seeks to build strongholds in peoples lives before the gospel arrives.

Perhaps when Satan realised that God was planning to do something great in your life he moved into your family and forefathers generations to bring a snare.   Perhaps he has brought a curse into your family: alcohol, insanity, adultery or divorce which seems to go from generation to generation. The enemy has tried to reach in before the gospel got there but there is nothing that the devil has tried to put on you, that Jesus can’t take off you.

Friend, know this, that if the enemy is at work in your life or family members, God’s word and Jesus blood will prevail. God is planning something great for you – Freedom.

Published by Jim Shaw

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