War of Words

War of Words

May 30, 2017, 12:40:01 AM Religion

Nato, LGBT,  Anti-republicanism. It's a battle of words on earth revealing a war in heaven. They may be mere words spoken through human lips yet beyond the eyes of men, ancient powers are stirred. Peter spoke words in a jail, the church prayed words from the house just down the street, and angels from another realm appeared in the jail. Words move unseen beings.

When David faced Goliath in the valley, it was a battle of words, not swords. The giant cursed David by his gods saying  “I'll feed you to the birds,” but David didn’t allow himself to be cursed by the enemy. If David had of agreed with the words of the giant, David would never have fulfilled the unique purpose God had for his life.  He refused to entertain those paralysing words from a dark source because he knew that spiritual beings are empowered by faith. Therefore he roared back his declaration of faith in the power of God to save, and God came through.

Apostle Paul stood on the heaving deck of an endangered ship and declared the promises he had heard from God, to counter the beliefs of fearful sailors who thought they were about to drown. They were all saved just as God had said.
The words we listen to and the words we speak matter.  We can’t listen to doubt and walk in faith. We can not talk fear and live boldly. A generation was kept from Gods promised land by their unbelieving words. Jesus gave the example of cursing those things outside of the will of God. He also told us to speak to mountains that should be moved and to absolutely believe the effectiveness of what we say.
When Peter was in jail the disciples prayed for God to move.  As they agreed with Gods will in prayer, God sent the delivering angel to Peter.
The doors of our current prison are opened by declarations of faith never by agreeing with the jailer that there is no escape.  And let's expect an answer.  When Peter was let out by the angel, he went straight to the prayer meeting but they were shocked that he was free and never opened the door.  Faith had opened a prison door and doubt kept the church door shut!
Friend, how much of what God planned to bring into our lives, is still bound in the heavens by the words we have said or not said.   What hasn’t changed because we haven't spoken? And what has Father released to us that is still outside the door because our doubt has kept the door shut and kept the answer from walking in?

Published by Jim Shaw

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