Rattle Rattle

Rattle Rattle

Nov 2, 2017, 2:20:46 AM Creative

It's funny the things that shake my composure.

The slip of my foot over nothing.

The instantaneous yet infinite, breathless choke on water.

A jar of honey teetering over the edge before flopping back in to place.

Tripping over the steps.

The short fumble for my keys when there's no one home to let me inside.

The sudden shudder of an elevator.

The shrill, very out of place siren of the phone at 2 am.

A beloved pet running in front of a fast car but reaching safety just at the nick of time.

But nothing really rattles me like your smile.

                                 makes my heart squeeze so tight.

                                 causes a hitch in my breath so sudden.

                                 fills my 5'5 frame to the brim with buttery yellow butterflies flapping their wings at                                             the speed of light. 

Published by Jinan H

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