Why, it is Life

Why, it is Life

Jul 17, 2017, 12:47:20 AM Creative

As I'm sitting here, in between waiting for my grades to come out to make sure I passed the course this time and finally graduate, and waiting for companies to reply back to my job seeking emails, I'm having a lot of mixed feelings about leaving university. For a long time, university was this place that I didn't mind going to. I didn't love going there, but I didn't dread it. I liked my major, most of my professors, and hated the university itself for having shitty rules; you know, the regular stuff. Last semester, when I was supposed to graduate, I couldn't wait for the last day to come so I could be done. Now, I won't say I'm sad I finished (hopefully hopefully hopefully), but I'm more clearheaded about it. Last semester was crazy busy and I was taking some really tough, and if I'm being quite honest, some horrible courses. I couldn't wait to finish, and I don't think anyone could fault me for that. This second time round is a bit different. I'm still extremely happy and holy shit I'm an engineer now! (please dear lord) but it's not that same feeling. Now I realize that I probably won't see my favorite professors again. I probably won't see many of my we're-friends-but-not-super-close friends again. And while these are things that I'll probably get over just like I got over finishing school, it's still a weird sensation. But I'm hoping with all my heart, all all of it, that this will lead into an even better future. 

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