Should You Replace a Broken Garage Door Spring yourself?

Should You Replace a Broken Garage Door Spring yourself?

When you realized that the spring on your garage door is broken, what do you do? We’d advise that it’s always best to call a professional garage door company about any garage door repairs. A broken garage door spring can be dangerous for a novice to fix.

Know the different garage door spring types:-

A garage door spring’s job is to handle the garage door’s weight when it is lifted or closed. Garage door springs are very durable, thick high-tension cords that expand or relax whenever the garage door is operated. There are two main types of springs used in garage doors:

Extension spring: This is an older type of spring system. Long springs are mounted parallel to the rails on both sides of the door. They are thinner than torsion springs, attached through a series of pulleys and cables. The mainspring expands when the garage door is operated.

Torsion spring: This is a thicker type of spring attached to a metal strip next to the door. The free end of the torsion spring is anchored to the torsion bar via a winding cone. When the door is closed, the torsion bar rotates and twists into a ‘torsioned’ state. When the door is opened, the tension released assists in lifting the heavy door. Unlike extension springs that extend when in motion, torsion springs rotate when the door falls and release energy by opening the screw in the opposite direction.

Extension Springs Replacement

Generally, extension springs are easier to replace for a garage door technician. This is because the extension springs can be removed completely when a garage door is closed. To dismantle the extension springs, a technician will make sure the garage door is secured and closed. The garage door technician will remove the spring from the bracket, pulley, and cables, then attach a new spring. They will then secure the new spring to the pulley and the security cable.

Torsion spring replacement

Like we’ve mentioned, torsion spring replacement requires more experience than extension springs. A torsion spring stores a lot of energy and requires the right equipment and safety precautions so that it can be installed correctly and safely. If it is installed wrong, the spring might recoil back and hit someone or something in the garage.


Here are some of the steps that an experienced garage door technician follows:

  • They keep the garage door closed before they begin loosening the springs. Many times they will lock down the garage door using C-clamps. They will also disconnect the garage door opener.
  • They will insert the end of the winding bar into the bottom lug and fit it into the winding cone. Once done, they will start loosening the screws on the winding cone. They will do several revolutions before all the spring’s tension is released. Note that there is considerable force built-in with a torsion spring, so a technician is very careful.
  • A technician will disconnect the torsion springs from the center using wrenches.
  • To keep the torsion bar from falling off, a technician will use locking pliers to hold the torsion bar on the center bracket.
  • A technician will then attach the new springs onto the bar, checking if the right-hand and the left-hand springs are placed on each side correctly.
  • A technician will then load the springs next by twist the winding cone, and torsion spring upward to load tension on it. Once done, they will apply a garage door spray lubricant.


Should you replace the springs yourself?

As you can see from the above, it is best to have a professional and experienced garage door company replace your garage door springs. They have the right tools and expertise to do the job right. You should also bear in mind that a garage door company will provide a warranty on their work, which is an invaluable asset.


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