Dear God, if I may...

A simple prayer before I head to work…

Dear God, it’s me, Joan. I’m very sad and I wanted to ask a favor of You, if I may.

My brother is in a hospital, miles away and very sick. He’s a carpenter in NYC – he takes the 5am train every morning and works in the big skyscrapers doing what carpenters do. He’s a humble person and he is so good. Everyone loves him.

Yesterday, he was at work and his heart stopped. And I know You had the FD just across the street – that was a miracle that they were so close. I thank them and I thank You so much for that.

But he’s only 56 and has so much left to give. And his wife and our families needs him. We love him. I know you do too, and twice last night he was going to see you, but he wanted to stay with us and that’s why I’m asking this favor.

There is so much we still don’t know – how long was he unconscious before someone found him? How long before the Fire department was able to bring him back to us? How long before the Doctors and Nurses at the hospital were able to bring him back? Will he be ok when he wakes up?

But would you please let him stay with us awhile longer? And I know I’m asking for another favor, but would you please make sure he’s ok when he wakes up?

Yes, I’ll keep the faith – I believe and trust You and I’ll keep up the prayers.

Thank you, I can go to work now knowing this is in Your hands.

If it’s ok, I’ll keep praying...

Published by Joan E. Wilder


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