Jump Rope Again!

Jump Rope Again!

The jump rope is, to many people, the best exercise equipment they own and may well be the cheapest. You see it everywhere. In American it's known as Jump Rope and in Europe it's called Rope Skipping and it's so popular it's an Olympic event. Not quite the jump rope we did in the playground growing up.

If you haven't been doing endurance exercises lately, you'll want to start slowly. Do a minute or more 2-3 days a week and build over time. The same rules apply as with any other Endurance exercises - don't skip the warm up and cool down.  [Read More about Endurance Exercises...]

And unless you have knee problems or concerns that you should discuss first with your Dr, jumping rope will strengthen your knees when performed over time.

Equipment You Need:

  • Gym Mat - not too thick  61rNfGTICmL__SL110_
  • Rope - should be sturdy so try a plastic beaded or segmented rope for best results (if it's too lightweight it may tangle).   cross-fit-jump-rope
  • Sneakers - check that there is cushioning for the balls of your feet
  • Rope Sizing - step on the center of the rope - a good fitting rope comes up to your chest or armpit.

You can shop at Professionals Health Connection, or Amazon to Buy this Equipment Now.  61s3gl-qnpl-_sl110_

See you on the Playground!

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Published by Joan E. Wilder

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