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Joana Saahirah author On My Trending Stories

Joana Saairah is a world renowned Oriental Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer who has started her career in Egypt having leapt from there to the whole world where she´s currently hired as invited Artist/Teacher/Lecturer.


Although she was trained as an Actress at the Superior School of Theatre and Cinema, the truth is hips don´t lie and neither does destiny: the magical Dance of the East has stolen her away!


She´s the author of the book “The Secrets of Egypt—Dance, Life & Beyond,” now on its 2nd edition, and she´s currently working on her second book. She´s a passionate blogger (“Joana Saahirah Magical World”) and she has written articles for mainstream and specialized press of several countries.


Her pioneer Private On Line Courses - using Egyptian Dance to know and empower yourself - are helping dancers, and non dancers, to discover their own voice and shine.


She´s passionate about Art, Literature, Travelling, Food, Jude Law and Personal Growth. Not necessarily in this order.


You can connect with Joana through Joana Saahirah of Cairo Fan Page on Facebook or through her Blog:


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