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(Disclaimer:  I am not an affiliate with BirdRock Baby.  BirdRock Baby did not ask for a review, or a post.  I did so on my own accord because I love the product, and all of the opinions are my honest views.  I received one pair of booties in exchange for photos only.)

My toddler Liam, is in love with shoes; a fascination that he gets from his Dad.  At least three times a day, he goes into the closet, and puts on his shoes, sandals, or booties.  Liam loves his Spider-Man shoes that light up, and his sandals that match.  However, we don’t want him wearing his shoes inside, especially since we live in an apartment and have to worry about our neighbors hearing him clunk away.  Socks can be an okay alternative, however they rarely stay on his feet for longer than five minutes before he makes a game of taking them off.  This is why, I am so happy we discovered BirdRock Baby Booties.

BirdRock Baby Booties


Finding booties that fit my Son was a bit of a struggle.  He isn’t even two years old yet, but since his feet are quite thick, he fits into size 7-9 depending on the brand.

Some booties may be a perfect fit when it comes to the length and the width, but the dorsum part of his foot made it hard to find ones that would slip on properly.

What really sold me on the BirdRock Baby Booties, was how the three adjustable snaps make them fit every foot perfectly.   The snaps ensure that the booties do not fall off, even if your little one’s feet are skinny, or chubby like my Son’s.

They offer many different sizes, but it is best to refer to their sizing charts to figure out which size is best for your child.

BirdRock Baby BootiesTHE MATERIALS

I wasn’t sure how appropriate they would be for the hot Summer we are experiencing.  I am relieved that while they keep their tiny toes warm and comfy, they also don’t overheat.  The outer layer is made from cozy fleece to facilitate the style you desire, and with 100% organic cotton inner linings, their feet can also breathe.

I also love how the materials make them easy to fold and transport (as seen in the photo).  I brought them to the park with us in the back pocket of my jeans.  That’s how small they can be scrunched up- super handy!

The booties have anti-slip grippers on the bottom in a very cute “brb” pattern.  No matter what the surface your child is walking (or running) on, they won’t slip and slide, or get hurt.  This was a huge bonus for me.  I’ve had so many booties that were seemingly perfect, but the grip wasn’t good enough.  My Son would still slip, fall, and get more bumps and bruises.  With these booties, he’s able to go down the halls of our apartment building, and down the stairs, without sliding like he does in his other shoes.


Something that always draws me towards a company, other than loving their products, is if they also give back to the community.  It doesn’t have to be in a large way, but knowing that they are even aware enough to want to contribute to those less fortunate, is a big plus in my books.

For every BirdRock Baby product you purchase, you are helping feed a child in need for an entire day.  How does it work?  At the end of the month, BirdRock Baby tallies up the total number of products sold. For every item, they donate food for a day to a child in need through their partner charity: Feed my Starving Children.

I absolutely love that initiative.


The BirdRock Baby Brand has been creating quite the hype.  They have been featured on FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS for providing superb customer service.  They are so confident that you will love your product, that they offer a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the product your receive, they will offer a replacement product or a complete refund.

BirdRock Baby Booties


Last but not least, ordering a pair of booties, one of the many other products from BirdRock Baby is incredibly simple and fast.

They offer a few options when it comes to shipping.  Of course, you can shop directly from their official website (free shipping for across the US).  However, they are also available on (Amazon Prime too, perfect for upcoming Fall and Winter).

Being available on Amazon is amazing for people like myself, who live in Canada and want fast delivery.  While they are based in San Diego, California, purchasing my booties from saved me days of anxiously waiting for my order.  It only took me TWO days to receive my order here in Montreal.

If you have any questions, find how you can contact BirdRock Baby here.  Be sure to check out how to follow them on Social Media while you’re there too!

BirdRock Baby Booties


Overall, I love these booties for several reasons, but I’m not the one wearing them.  What does my Son say about them?  Well, as soon as I showed him what we had received in the mail, all he said for the rest of the day was “New Booties!!!”  He put them on several times, and had fun trying to unbotton the snaps.  I think it’s a rave review from him, too!

With all of the colours and styles they offer, it’s hard to choose just one pair to try.  Which ones would you order first?  Are your kids as “shoe obsessed” as Liam is?  Let me know!


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