Bra-blems: Solutions & Special Offer from ThirdLove

Bra-blems: Solutions & Special Offer from ThirdLove

Sizing, Underwire, Painful Straps, Good Fit but Ugly Designs, Bad Fit but Looks Pretty, Looks Pretty but Poor Quality, The “Cone Boobs”… when it comes to bras, the list of “Bra-blems” women everywhere suffer through is endless.  Is “suffer”too strong of a word to use?  No, it’s not.  Bras are something women wear every single day (at least when we HAVE to) so while it comes as second nature to us now, it is not always an enjoyable experience.  I will explore the various Bra-blems we can encounter and solutions to these issues thanks to ThirdLove, (continue reading to receive your 15% Promo Code)! *All thoughts are my own and are based on my own research. ThirdLove inspired me to write about “bra-blems”, but I am in no way receiving monetary (or any other) compensation for this article. All photos belong to ThirdLove*

Lace & Mesh Bikini

Lace & Mesh Bikini

I discovered just how many issues women have when I requested information from the female population I have on social media platforms.  I wanted to hear about their own Bra-blems and the response I got within the first 20 minutes was astounding.  With over 30 comments, this garment we wear on a daily basis started quite the discussion between the women and they all seemed to bond over how difficult it is to find the perfect bra.


Personally, I grew up with having a chest that was on the “small end” of the spectrum.  It was honestly a bit embarrassing for me throughout the high school years, when it seemed like I was just waiting for my turn to “blossom”.  Little did I know it would take me getting pregnant in my 20’s to experience having a larger chest.  We all have our insecurities throughout high school and the size of my chest was one of mine, but then I heard stories from friends who had fuller bosoms and of the back pain they were experiencing- it made me think, “Maybe my situation isn’t so bad.”

247 Classic TShirt Bra 68

24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra

That is not to say I didn’t experience my own Bra-blems.  I remember trying on several bras that offered the amount of support I needed but the material- it was itchy like I couldn’t believe.  So then I would try a softer, sometimes lacy material- those bras did absolutely nothing except add a layer of material between my chest and my shirt.  Then, once I found bras that did fit when it came to the cup size, the straps would dig into my skin, causing red marks all over my shoulders.  Or, they would be tight around my rib cage to the point where I would take my bra off at the end of the day and it would look like I had wrapped myself in yarn and had a burn around my ribs.  Don’t even get me started on the underwire issues.  Even though I needed a smaller cup size, it was still impossible for me to find the right size for the other areas of my body.  I discovered I was not alone in this.


Here are a few of the comments I received from the ladies who participated in the discussion (thank you to all of you for sharing your stories!).  Along with about 10 comments discussing the underwire issue alone, these are some of the other issues women deal with:

“It’s really difficult to find bras for 36A chest. Yes, I have a small chest and I’m not minuscule!!! I usually have to go a size up and the fit isn’t ideal or do 34A and have back aches.”

“Having a small rib cage and then bigger breasts is a huge problem- because then there is never a bra made that fits you properly unless you have it specifically made for you and you are therefore rolling in money.”

“The fit is awkward sometimes… like why do some bras shape your boobs into cones?! And then sometimes I have problems with spilling over the top OR the opposite, the top part of the bra curves out creating a line on your shirt. So many issues to discuss. UGH. I hate bra shopping. I HATE IT.”

Not only were there comments about the sizing and the fit being an issue but several comments had to do with the appearance of the bras:

I can never find comfort AND beauty in the bra department!!! It’s either a beige basic bra that fits perfectly or a really hot looking bra that’s all pointy or oddly shaped because of its material..”

“My usual opinion is, ‘I wont try anything sexy on because it will not be flattering on anyone above a B cup.'”

“The ever present issue of finding the perfect Comfort to Cute ratio when you have a bigger cup size (because apparently only small chested girls get to have pretty things).”

The list of comments and issues went on and on.  It shows that there just seems to be no winning for us women when it comes to bras.  This is where ThirdLove comes in.  Before we get into their amazing products, here are a few useful pieces of advice ThirdLove offered us to help with the most basic of Bra-blems.ThirdLove_Fit Issues-page-001

247 Lace Balconette Bra 76 2

24/7 Lace Balconette Bra


Just from reading about their Philosophy, you can tell that at ThirdLove, they really care about offering the perfect fit for every individual woman (and yes, the designs are also very pretty).  No longer do you have to decide between getting the right fit or having a pretty looking bra that makes you feel sexy- now you can have the best of both worlds.



ThirdLove offers bras with half sizes since they discovered that 50% of women sizes A-E actually fall in between standard cup sizes!  Their bras are also made with real women’s measurements,

“Instead of using standard industry measurements and grading them up and down to create each bra size, we fit all of our sizes on real women. These fittings let us design each bra size to be a more precise fit, like shorter strap lengths on larger sizes for better lift, or a wider width between cups on smaller sizes. Sure, it’s more work. But we’re up to the task.” – via ThirdLove’s Official Website

247 Classic Full Coverage Bra 68

24/7 Classic Full Coverage Bra

ThirdLove has been featured in several fashion magazines, such as InStyle, Glamour, PeopleStyleWatch and even featured on all comments suggesting that these “bras are perfection”, “feel like heaven” and “are the most comfortable bras ever”.  Not only do they offer a 30 Day Trial, but they also offer amazing customer service.  Shipping over $75 is free and if you are not pleased with your purchase, their 100% Fit Guarantee allows you to return the items, or exchange them, free of charge.



How will you know which size to try?  ThirdLove also offers a great App for all iPhone users.  You no longer have to go into a store to be fitted, you can do it in the comfort of your own home.  To read a review of the ThirdLove Fitting App, click here, with thanks to The Lingerie Addict.  Don’t have an iPhone?  They also have a Fit Finder right on their website which you can use- try it out now!


247 Strap Happy Bra 76 2

24/7 Strap Happy Bra

Want to try ThirdLove products for yourself?  Shop all of the styles you’ve seen, (they also have adorable, comfy & sexy underwear!), by following this link.  Not only can you get $15 if you invite your friends to try ThirdLove, but as an exclusive offer tomy readers, when you place your order, use PROMO CODE  “BRABLEMS” and you will receive 15% OFF your order!

Also, for more information on ThirdLove, visit their Official Website or e-mail them at and follow them on their Social Media Pages: FacebookInstagramTwitter & Pinterest.


Did you read the article and not see your Bra-blem?  Let me know what your struggles are!  Have you tried ThirdLove products?  I’d love to hear from you!  Please comment, e-mail me ( or find me on Facebook to join more fashion discussions!

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