Things I Want My Daughters To Know by Elizabeth Noble Book Review

Things I Want My Daughters To Know by Elizabeth Noble Book Review

Nov 27, 2016, 10:07:27 PM Entertainment


When Barbara realizes time is running out, she writes letters to her four daughters, aware that they’ll be facing the trials and triumphs of life without her at their side. But how can she leave them when they still have so much growing up to do?

Take Lisa, in her midthirties but incapable of making a commitment; or Jennifer, trapped in a stale marriage and buttoned up so tight she could burst. Twentysomething Amanda, the traveler, has always distanced herself from the rest of the family; and then there’s Hannah, a teenage girl on the verge of womanhood about to be parted from the mother she adores.

But by drawing on the wisdom in Barbara’s letters, the girls might just find a way to cope with their loss. And in coming to terms with their bereavement, can they also set themselves free to enjoy their lives with all the passion and love each deserves?

This heartfelt novel by bestselling author Elizabeth Noble celebrates family, friends . . . and the glorious, endless possibilities of life. -via Goodreads

My Thoughts

You guessed it.  Just like The Cradle, I found this book at a book fair and purchased it for less than a dollar.  I finished it within two days and I highly enjoyed it.  Many aspects of this book are relate-able.  Whether it is Cancer or another illness, we all know what it is like to witness a family member fighting for their health and well-being.  We also, have all lost someone close to us, no matter what the circumstances were behind it.

This novel made me cry several times and I think it will touch everyone who reads it, in one way or another.  The story consists of four Sisters, all with their own personalities and life events and I could relate to all of them for different reasons.  Whether it was what they were going through with their significant others, or them dealing with the loss of their Mother in their own individual ways… you almost wish you could call them to talk or give them a hug.  I think that is the sign of a good book- when you feel like the characters could be real and at times, wish that they were.

Even the male characters in the book brought many highlights to the story.  Mark, their Step-Father for example, was one of my favorite characters.  Maybe it’s because I can relate to what comes with being a Step-Parent (not as much as he can, since I am quite new to this whole thing) but there are a few moments when he described perfectly how I have been feeling and it was nice to know that someone else feels this way.  Even characters in books have to get it from somewhere, right?

Overall, I cried several times during this book and I don’t think a book has received that sort of reaction from me since I read The Lighthouse Keeper by James Michael Pratt over ten years ago.   I will be copying a few paragraphs from this book into my journal to keep, because I loved the wording of them so much, but then I will pass the book along to hopefully have it touch someone else like it has touched me.  Things I Want My Daughters To Know is a book I definitely recommend any woman to read.  Get prepared to want to call your Mom, just to hear her voice, if you can.  Either way, get a box of Kleenex ready.

Any book recommendations for me?  Please, let me know!

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