Styling Glasses To Look Younger: Tips That Work

Glasses To Look Younger

Styling Glasses To Look Younger: Tips That Work

May 3, 2021, 1:31:33 PM Life and Styles

“Never ask a woman her age” is a popular phrase to depict the obsession of women with age, but the same is true for men too. Everyone when they start hitting the milestone of 30 years, try to turn back the clock. 

But with fine lines, oily and saggy skin and wrinkles, eyeglasses too, become an important part of your everyday life as you age.

No doubt a shaggy, ill-fitting glass can make you look older than your exact age. This is why most grey-haired glass wearers start looking for the right pair of glasses that fits in the current fashion trend and help them stay younger.

Here are some tips to pick glasses that help you reveal younger you.

How glasses help you look younger?

One of the most significant accessories in your wardrobe, eyeglasses can help enhance your appearance instantly. But if you want to rock better than every young person, make sure to keep certain things in mind.

Youthful colour upgrade:

Glasses with dull colour frames tend to make you look older. Choose warm coloured glasses to add grace to your age. While picking out the right frame, choose a colour wisely that blends well with your lifestyle and facial features.

Frames in black, brown and jewel-tone are best to add sophistication to your overall appearance. Meanwhile, bold colour, shiny and chunky frames also work well to bring out the best, when complemented well to offset your clothing, face, skin and hair tone.

Experimenting with Glass style:

Classic yet trendier, tortoiseshell is always a safe bet for older glass wearers looking for a youthful appearance. The elegant colour of the tortoiseshell brings in desired warmth, natural facelift and refined esthetic to your face and helps you look younger.

Just because you are not young enough, don't mean you can't go bold. Experiment with different styles and frames that you find good and match your lifestyle.

Trendy - Frame shape:

Stylish or fun, fashion fitted or timeless, bold or ultramodern, a right frame shape will help you stand out at any age. Choose a frame style that perfectly matches your face size, shape, features and sits comfortably on them.

Avoid glasses that are outdated and make you look over-age. Instead, change your frames to fit in current trends and downplay the ageing aspect of your facial features. 

Make sure you choose a round corner, not edgy frames to add natural uplift to your face.

Points to remember for looking younger with glasses:

  • Round glasses are undeniably the best choice to give your look a youthful refresh.
  • Avoid aviators with heavy bottoms and sweep, when looking for ways to appear younger.
  • Cat eye glasses for older women tend to lift your face and are worn to create a youthful effect.
  • Instead of rimless glasses, choosing chunky rimmed glasses are a great way to appear younger.

Wrap up:

With a wide range of glasses available to fit the needs of people around, Finding the right glass type is important to appear younger and graceful. Make sure to consider face shape, skin tone and other factors too, while choosing the frames and keep dazzling at all ages.

Published by Joanna Bode

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