One lazy afternoon

One lazy afternoon

It was a lazy afternoon. They were in bed. Maria and Timothy.

Maria wore only a pair of grey knitted thigh-high socks and Jake only a pair of pyjamas. They just finished making love.

"I have something for you,"  Timothy says. He takes out something from his bag. "These are for you." They were teardrop earrings studded with.."They're Swarovski crystals. I heard from your mother that you wanted teardrop earrings and so I bought them for you."

"They're beautiful," Maria said, putting them on.

"And this necklace." Timothy pointed out the shiny stones on the necklace. "And these are real diamonds." He clasps it around her neck. "Wear this whenever you go to bed."

Maria  blushed. She knew that by accepting the jewelry she'd have to wear them whenever he made love to her and there was no excuse. Tim came from a well-off family. But she wasn't a gold digger, she loved him no matter what people said or thought. 

Without thinking, Maria said, "You're trying to buy me." The corners of Tim's mouth curved in  one corner, and this is what Maria loved the most about him. He didn't answer as Maria continued staring at herself in the mirror. She admired the jewelry. The next words of Maria were: "It's working." And she smiled at him and laughed. A laugh that was so unpretentious, so real. Tim fell in love with her more and more.

They stayed in bed the entire afternoon, laying in silence and cuddling. No words have to be spoken, they knew the answer to each other.


Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo

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