Tell the Tale

They say hell is a place

I beg to differ...


Hell is when you watch your lover

choose someone else;

when every morning 

you wake up to a cold, bare bedside

and it's hard to catch your sleep

at night


Hell is when everyone closes in on you

and all you've got is yourself

no one gives their back;

it's when you're forced to be an introvert

when all you want to do 

is have a friend or two.


Hell is when you're an orphan

and you have no mother or father

or brother

and you'll have to learn by yourself

how life works

cos no one will teach you.


Hell is when everyone else is happy

and all you feel inside is misery

it's losing all hope

and sense of security

a breakdown of your ego.


Hell is when God and the stars

has cheated on you

in a game of cards

cheated you out of life

and you're forced

to bear your own

useless existence .


"You certainly know a lot about hell."

Yes, she knows a lot about hell she's lived to tell the tale.


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo


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