The Musicbox

A blind girl once had a musicbox that had the most beautiful music in the world. One day, a boy came to stay with her to listen to the music. Everyday they sat together to listen to the musicbox before their parents called them for dinner. Then the boy would help this blind girl get to her feet and go home.

After twelve years, when they were both 21, the boy had an accident. He smashed his head and a pole through his chest. The mother of the girl knew because the mother of the boy called, but she did not tell her daughter.

As usual, the blind girl sat by the edge of the porch, on the stairs, listening to her musicbox. 6 pm, and her mother assisted her to her feet, all the while carefully silent.

The blind girl felt a heavy weight sit on her heart and she did not like it. "Mother, what's wrong"

Her mother could not lie. "He's dead"

Her blind daughter stands, barely touching her food, and gets her musicbox. She goes inside her room and locks.

All night everyone was crying, but the blind girl could only hear the musicbox. Especially when midnight drew closer, the musicbox' sound got louder.

Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo


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