Aug 12, 2016, 4:54:45 PM Creative

from the womb
weak limbs that stretch
small hands that hold
tiny frail body
innocent and unknowing
naive to the world

poor infants! poor children!
who knows what awaits them
cruelty and heartaches
seven stumblings
before success

all the lovers he shall love
all the friends he shall have
all the faces he shall miss
all the passions he shall have
and all for nothing
he does not know what awaits him! 

for now, he has toys
to satisfy his needs
he has parents 
to care for him
what is the future like for him?

will he be an social politician
or will he become a loner?
will he fall in love and never recover?
will he steal and become a criminal?
will he be a good father?
or will he be a drunkard, a gambler?
will he do drugs or will he say no?
will he be a doctor who saves lives?
or will he be a lawyer who lies?

will he expire in his old age
or will he die untimely
before he is 20?




Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo

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