What All Parents Should Tell Their Teenage Daughters

What All Parents Should Tell Their Teenage Daughters

It's that time of your daughter's life. it's what you've always dreaded but you cannot avoid it. 


It's when your daughter starts experimenting with makeup, boys and sex. It's also the time when fertility starts to kick in, once they get their first period. In other words, if your daughter is sexually active, she can or she unavoidably will get pregnant. And that will break your heart.

My father and I had a one-on-one talk on this. If you have a boyfriend and you get pregnant, don't be scared to tell me. Don't worry that I will get angry or mad at you, I won't. What you do have to worry about is the baby. Of course, it will need vitamins to keep it healthy. We want a child with two hands, two feet, ten fingers and toes, a nose and a pretty mouth. End of conversation.

Oh, if only all parents had the same parenting as my father!

He had a point. A baby needs pre-natal vitamins and monthly (or weekly checkups). It needs to be taken care of, to feel that it is wanted and loved. The least of worries should be in "I don't want to tell my dad. He will get mad at me." Remember parents, it not just your daughter, there are two of them now. 

Maybe we should rethink our parenting techniques?


Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo

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