Hokkaido Tokyo Winter Self Drive Trip- Part 2

Hokkaido Tokyo Winter Self Drive Trip- Part 2

Mar 2, 2017, 7:46:13 AM Life and Styles


Uh well... Unfortunately, this post I've to rewrite for some of the parts due to some mistake made :(
(Updated @ 7/01/2017)

My flight to New Chitose Airport is around 0555hrs with Scoot. Their aircraft is Boeing 777, so is pretty comfortable for their seat. However, out of no choice that have to choose Scoot. Most of the airline, JAL or ANA their flight are fully booked for my traveling date. :(

My flight to New Chitose Airport is around 0555hrs with Scoot. Their aircraft is Boeing 777, so is pretty comfortable for their seat. However, is out of no choice that has to choose Scoot. Most of the airline, JAL or ANA their flight are fully booked for my traveling date. :(
Is a long-haul flight so it will be good if is traveling with full cost airline. At least, meal and luggage allowance is included. But, overall with Scoot experience is not too bad tho! My flight transit in Taipei Taoyuan Airport which is pretty convenient for the transiting. Do not need to clear immigration and once you exit of the aircraft there is signage and airport staff directing you for the transit. You will get a transit card from Taoyuan Airport staff and have to pass through the security check again. So, remember to empty your bottle! :D You can refill the water after security check. Another 3.5hrs flight to New Chitose Airport. We arrived Sapporo earlier than the flight scheduled.


Met new friends during the flight :P ! Haha. Two cuties with me.

Welcome to New Chitose Airport. Their free wifi are very convenient, just connect it and log in on the web page!


Sleepy face after the long flight. lol.

Well, I have some free time to spend in the airport due to my another group of friends flies from KLIA. I had my dinner at Hokkaido Ramen Dojo.


2016-12-20-17-12-08.jpg Ramen from 弟子屈. There is plenty of ramen stall inside Ramen Dojo. Is pretty hard to choose which to had actually. lol. Well, this cost me 900 yen and is Oishi! Yum yum.

New Chitose Airport is pretty simple to explore around. The signage is clear and you can always found it in everywhere! Oh ya!!! For ladies! They have the changing room and makeup room which is free to use. You can find most of the restaurant are located at Level 3, where Level 2 are more for souvenirs stuff. There are this Doraemon Waku Waku Sky park and Hello Kitty Happy Flight park for visitors and both of the theme parks cost 800 yen per person. I didn't go inside as I feel that is not really worth it. lol. Although, this is one of the must-visit spots in New Chitose Airport. Please do so if you want! :3


After hanging around in the airport, I went to domestic flight terminal and wait for my friends. For their arrival aren't same as Singapore Changi Airport which goes by the belt. They actually go by the airline company and the flight that they going to land. However, not to worry if you are picking up someone there as well, as long as you got the flight number and just refer to the flight TV, it will show which door you have to wait. After meeting my friends, we have to go to the hotel by train.

We got the JR PASS which names SUICA. This card basically functions like EZ-Link card in Singapore or Touch-N-Go card in Malaysia. However, we got it at Haneda Airport. For Hokkaido card will be KITACA card which is same as SUICA. (Click on the card name to get more information) You can get the refund through their offices too. There is a charge of 220 yen to return a Suica card, which is deducted from the total. For refunds, a fee of 220 yen is subtracted from the total (a result of less than zero is considered zero), and then the initial 500 yen deposit is added.

suica kitaca01

For the train journey, you are advisable to download HYPERDIA app or go to their website >> HYPERDIA

Through this website, you will see which station to alight and how to do interchange for the trains. For me, Japan Rail Way is kind of complicated to understand lol cause it has too many lines and you will feel lazy to try to understand them *laugh*
However, don't be a lazy bug! :P As long as you know which station you are going to then is pretty simple! Every subway station they do have maps and directory for you. Try to find out elevator if you are carrying on big luggage. Some of the places have the staircase only. Lol.


After a long way, we finally reach our hotel. Hotel Vista Sapporo Nakajima Koen.


The room is pretty small. However, is exactly look the same as the picture. Toilet and bathroom are separated. Cost us RM1316.07 for 3 room 2 night. Which is approximately RM220/person/night. This hotel is pretty near to the JR station. There are 7-11 nearby to this hotel too! Overview of this hotel is clean, friendly service, convenient location. If you are looking for a big and comfy room, this is definitely not the place for you :)


At the hotel lobby waiting for everyone to gather and head for dinner! The weather on that night is pretty cold but it was still fine. This is also when I fall down! lol. The road is too slippery! Remember to be careful and wear on shoe grip if necessary, don't be like me. LOL. The first one to fall down! HAHA.


Beautiful snow view. Too excited about it! (Very first time to see the snow, *blush*)

I used google to check any places to dine in around the hotel area. And we chose this,   鴇の家. They served really good ramen. Recommended to visit this full of Japanese style restaurant!


Address: Japan, 〒064-0808 Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo, 中央区南8条西4丁目422−5
Opening Hours:
Sunday Closed
Monday - Saturday: 11AM–5AM




After our dinner, we went for a walk and exploring around.


The slippery road :Ocimg1282cimg1284cimg1287cimg1291cimg1295cimg1305

We went to 7-11 and bought some Japanese snacks with wines and beers!! Not Akashi beer, but their Sapporo Beer! (PS:// I don't drink beer, so please do not ask me how it taste like. Haha. I don't have any comment on it.lol. But I love their Sakae & fruit wine!)

7-11 or Lawson or Family Mart became our daily visited place! *LAUGH* Keep on buying snacks from them. That's the end of day 1.

Day 2 - 21 Dec 2016 (Sapporo - .Jyogaiichiba - Beer Museum - Shiroi Koibito - Otaru)


Good Morning with the beautiful snowy view! This is the day when all of us get excited because we are going to collect our car! Hehe :3
We chose Vellfire is definitely fit for 6 adults as well as the luggage. Well, we try to fit in all the luggage *laugh*


We went to Jyogaiichiba (Crab Market) which is one of the Sapporo morning markets for breakfast! :)

As for the Sapporo crab market, about 60 stores are closely located in 2lines.
Every day, fresh marine products and agricultural products of Hokkaido are bought in from the next Sapporo Central Wholesale Market.



Well, we did not walk around and look up for other restaurant but we straight away go into the first restaurant that we saw! lol. (I guess all of us were too HUNGRY! *laugh*)





They served really good food! Fresh and Oishi! But a bit pricey if compared to the other restaurant in the same area. After finished our breakfast, we realized that there was plenty of restaurant along the road! :O ... So, don't be like us okay! :P .. Hang on, Keep calm and look around first! *laugh*

After our breakfast, we are so lucky that able to witness the snowfall! OMGOSH! Is our first time to witness the snow. We thought it was raining but is not, is snow! LOL. Pardon me for the excitement, this is what the first timer experience :P lol


The romantic couple .. :P


Heading to the train station and get ready to collect our car! Can't wait to start our road trip in Hokkaido! :) :) cimg1348cimg1353cimg1357


We rented Vellfire for 6 peoples, 7 days, in a total of 121,721 yen! Everything is included as well as their ETC card & insurance! After got our car, we went to our first stop!


Hokkaido is the birthplace of beer in Japan. Sapporo Beer, one of the oldest and most popular beer brands in the country, has been brewed in Sapporo since 1877. Is F.O.C for entry! However, you could choose to pay 500 yen for a premium tour inside the museum! :)


How to get there?

The Beer Museum can be accessed by the "Loop 88 Factory Line" bus that stops among other places at Odori Station and in front of Seibu department store near Sapporo Station (departures every 20 minutes, 210 yen per ride). Alternatively, it is a 25 minute walk from JR Sapporo Station or a 15 minute walk from Higashi-kuyakusho-mae Station on the Toho Subway Line.

Opening Hours:  11:30 to 20:00 (entry until 19:30)
Closed: Mondays
Entrance Fee: FREE (500 yen for a guided tour)




Sapporo Beer! :3 There is 3 type of it.


Biru with cheezy! Ichiban yo! Try to have a bite of cheesy and drink it with beer! Taste differently :3 cimg1485b612_20161221_134218.jpg

People who are like me doesn't drink beer, you may keep selfie-ing there :P lol! *just kidding*


Sapporo Beer Icecream! Ichiban! :) .. After the tour and drinks, they do have souvenirs store to shop as well :)

Next destination! - Shiroi Koibito Park


It is a romantic and beautiful park for me! :) ... With the snowy view, you will definitely feel in love with this place!

How to go there?

Take the Tozai Subway Line to its western terminus Miyanosawa Station (15 minutes, 280 yen, frequent departures from Odori Station), from where the park can be reached in a ten minute walk. For people who drive, they do have a car park inside! Just follow the signage will do! :)

Opening hours: 9:00 to 18:00 (entry until 17:00)
Closed: No closing days
Entrance Fee: 600 yen


After paid the entrance fee, you will get issued with this passport and a cookie! Yayy


Ice cream parfait of the day! Yummy :3




Basically, you will have a small tour inside Shiroi Koibito. Start from their history then production then packaging then end of the tour :P lol XD .. You will be able to see how the production department doing their job. Is pretty amazing! Seeing how are the famous cookies been made! :P .. Before the tour end, you will have a chance to stop at their souvenirs store as well. I did my small shopping at downstairs for all the chocolate, cookies, cake and ice cream! xoxo.. Well, their cake roll and puff is a must to try!!! Their chocolate not too bad too! :) .. AND YES! They are well known for their cookies, but for me, their puff and the cake roll are the best! :D (Cause I've met the best cheesy cookies ever on later part! :P )


Their day time is so fast! :( After a short time spent inside, we have to rush to Otaru before it getting really dark! :O

It took us around 30-40 minutes to reach Otaru town. When we arrived, the town look so dark and it was freaking cold :3 .. Lol. We went around and look for the food there, and most of the shop was not opening on the timing that we reach!!! Which is around 5.30pm. Goodness. Most of them re-open again around 7 pm.




Hence, we settled down at 小樽运河食堂 for our dinner of the day! :)

Is a ramen shop! (Yea, ramen again *laugh*) .. Inside that food court they have buffet as well! We thought of going for the buffet, but all of us not that hungry so we did not go for their buffet. But! If you want to go for Hokkaido crabs buffet, there is one inside it!  Well, they have buffet, ramen, sushi and seafood restaurant :)

Opening hours: Everyday, 11am - 3pm; 5pm - 9.30pm
Address: Japan, 〒047-0007 Hokkaido Prefecture, Otaru, 港町6−5

Well, you guys might be waiting for me to update more about OTARU. Unfortunately, it is quite disappointing for us when we are there. It was dark and not much lighting around. So, my advice is to visit Otaru before it turns really dark. Is either before 4.30 pm or after 6 pm. Most of the shop re-open again around 6/7pm so it might be having those lighting after 6 pm.

Below picture was taken from the internet *blush*


Couldn't have a chance to take this kind of photo. *sad*

After that, we went to UNIQLO for a quick shopping as well as to 7-11 to grab some snack :P and that's the end of our day! :)

22 DEC 2016 - NISEKO

The next day morning! Exciting day for us! We got up early in the morning and heading to NISEKO! We were so excited as this will be our first time skiing and playing with the snow *blush* It took us around 2 - 2.5 hours to reach Ikoiyuyado Iroha Hotel.

All of us are new to ski and if you are the first time and wanted to ski too, don't miss out on information which I believe might be able to help you in choosing as well as some of the basic skiing knowledge! :)

If you are not new to ski, just wanted to know which company actually we rented for our ski equipment, please scroll down! :P

It really took some time to understand when I'm doing research, especially when you have zero knowledge about ski, skiing resort, and Japan. Lol. What and where should we look for? Basically, there is plenty of ski resort in Hokkaido. Niseko is one of the famous and biggest ski resort in Hokkaido! For skiing, you will need to rent equipment, choose a ski resort and lift passes.

For the lift passes, you may actually purchase it only after you get used of skiing. It is not advisable for the first timer to buy the lift passes. It's kind of waste actually. When we arrive Niseko ski resort, we purchase the lift passes straight away. It cost us around 4000 yen per person, 8 hours usage. At the end, two of us didn't utilize it. :(
There are some slopes for you to practice and skiing before take the cable car up to the mountain. Lift passes is just for you to take the cable car and up to the mountain. Is only one-way cable car! :P

For skiing, you will need to look for the location, decide your ski resort and book for the equipment! For lift passes wise, after you get used to the skiing then only purchase! :D

Do we need to book for a ski lesson? Well, is depends on you :) We ever thought of that but at the end, we decide to go for self-learning *laugh* .. YOUTUBE will be your best teacher! *wink*


I'll definitely ski again! Maybe at Korea? Hehe! Can't wait for my next skiing trip!

The view was amazing~ (Those pictures were taken inside the car) c360_2017-01-05-04-41-24-571.jpg

Yayy! Finally, we reach NISEKO and is snowing! :)


Ikoino Yuyado Iroha cost us total RM3410 for a room a night. This room able to occupied 6 of us, Onsen is included but will need to pay tax for 150 yen per person when you checked out. Some of you wondering why is it so expensive? Well, basically this is the usual price that for those hotels around NISEKO. Some of the hotels only accept min stay of 5 nights and above. So, this is one of the best choices that you can have! :)


Well, this is how our rooms look like. For the other part where the table at is actually Tatami. At night, you can remove the table and enjoy the Japanese traditional style of sleeping!


The hotel receptionist is very kind to help us call to GOOSPORT and arrange for our equipment delivery.

For the ski equipment, it really makes my head spin *laugh* I've been researching for weeks due to most of the ski equipment rental company are rented out at very high price :O ... Believe me, after comparing a few company, GOODSPORT offered the good price and reliable service!

GOODSPORT website <<

We got our equipment at price of 6300 yen of【full-set】Ski set + Snowsuit + Accessories! (They are having 50% discount on that time! :D October 2016)
They are also having 20% discount for now! :)
You can either rent only their ski set which includes of skis, boots, poles or snowboard set which includes of snowboard and boots.
Or go for their Full Set (Ski set or Snowboard set + Snowsuit + Accessories(Goggles, gloves, headwear))!
You can either choose courier service or hotel delivery service! :)
Is pretty convenient and if you have any inquiries you may just email to them anytime!


After done with changing and ready for our SKIING! YAY! :D

It's a long day for the skiing, we decided to go back around 5 pm and the sky is really turning dark.


Dinner that provided by the hotel! :)

After dinner, can't wait for our ONSEN! *blush* It's our first time as well. LOL.

Well, before go into their Onsen, there is a few basic manner you will really need to know :)

For an example, their bath suit (Kimono) have their own way to wear it. Right-hand side must be covered by the left-hand side. If you wear oppositely, it's for the dead people. So, please be mindful of that :P

You are required to be naked and bath first before dipping yourself into onsen :D


33147661niseko-hotel-niseko-ikoinomura-onsen-01-800x500(Picture was taken from Ikoino Yuyado Hotel)

Their outdoor onsen! They have both indoor and outdoor onsen :) We tried out both! Hehe. Is pretty amazing for having onsen experience in winter especially outdoor :D

If you are staying in Ikoino Yuyado Iroha, check out their resting room as well! Amazing massage chair inside *laugh*

It has been a great day with skiing, onsen, and massage! :D

That's pretty much about my day in Sapporo and Niseko! :) Do PM me or leave comments on below if you have any inquiries! I'll try to answer if I know the answer *blush* .. Otherwise, ask my sensei - GOOGLE! *laugh*

For hotel booking in NISEKO, beside booking.com / agoda.com / hotels.com , you may also access to NISEKO ACCOMMODATION 

If you are thinking why we did not go for airbnb? Well, the airbnb service is quite limited in Hokkaido or some of them are expensive than the hotel. Sometimes, hotel are still the best in some of the area :)

That's about the end of this article! Thanks for reading! :)

*Pardon for my broken English >:

Welcome to share if you find this article is useful or comments below if you would like to have more information!

Please stay tuned for my next post yo :D *blush*


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